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Angel and Winter's Clubhouse

This guild is a hangout, just for our family and friends :D (Currently under-construction

Tags: Hangout, Chatroom, Family, Friends, zOMG, Art, Drawing, Anime, Manga

Jeireine Private 601 24
Artistic Paradise

An artists paradise~

Tags: Paradise, Avatar, Tektek, Artistic

Aryachan96 Public 284 100
Our Beloved Sorrows (A Role Playing / Everything Guild)

This guild is primarily a role play guild, but also includes subjects such as art, writing, tektek, and more.

OurBelovedLordOfSorrows Public 630 29
♥♥Pixie Hollow♥♥

A role play guild based off the Tinkerbell Disney movies.

Tags: tinkerbell, Pixie Hollow, Fairies, Fantasy, Elements

Lyra Madrid Public 1,041 91
The Black Rose Academy

The university for strange and cute creatures.No humans.(RolePlay)

Tags: Roleplay, Rose, Academy, Demon, no humans

M u s i c O r i g n Public 7,989 63
Gaia Police Department (G.P.D)

In the Event of an Emergincy please contact an online Police Officer

twistedsisterrules Private 411 30
Art Guild.

this guild will be haveing give aways, partys,art for gold,some tektek,best avater^-^

Tags: give aways, tektek, partys, art for gold, best avater

imjaylene Public 45 37
Show Offs

Only accepting active avatar makers. This is a place to show off your avatar/tektek or to get inspired.

Tags: Avatar, TekTek, Contests, Inspire, Avatars

blaze uhp Public 3 2
The Dark Maf̃ia

This is a Mafia based guild.

Tags: Dark, Mafia, Guns

Tortured Snake Public 3 5
Wobble Industries


Tags: Tekteks, Coding, Profiles, Editing

OhhWobble Private 18 17
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