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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Manga United

The guild for all things Manga! *winks and gives thumbs up*

Tags: Chat, Random, Active, activity, funny

-X_Ello_Poppet_X- Public 1,023 125
♥ The Valentines ♫

A guild where all role players are welcome ♥

Tags: military, flowers, gold, game, fantasty

Alchemist Vox Von Lupine Public 71 46
Strawberry Panic! (An RP Guild) [Under-Renovation] Sappheirous Private 6,703 63
Gaia's Official New England Guild Hizoku Akai Public 541 67
The Skinny Jean Teh_Minty_Banana Public 7 2
Angel and Winter's Clubhouse

This guild is a hangout, just for our family and friends :D (Currently under-construction

Tags: Hangout, Chatroom, Family, Friends, zOMG, Art, Drawing, Anime, Manga

Jeireine Private 601 23
Euphoric State

Everything for everyone!

Tags: Random, Art-work, Music, tektek, role playing

Evol Bear Private 41 4
Welcome to Metrocity!

Enter Megamind's city for character discussion, roleplay, contests, games... and e-vil!

Tags: Megamind, Roxanne Ritchi, Minion, MetroMan, Metrocity

Ylaraniala Private 101 36
Wobble Industries


Tags: Tekteks, Coding, Profiles, Editing

OhhWobble Private 18 17
Angels Of Darkness (AOD)

A guild of friends and Rping

Little_Kawaii_Kitten Public 8 9
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