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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
LGBT-Straight Alliance Haven

A safe haven for LBGT people and Straight LGBT Supporters to be themselves.

Tags: LGBT, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, straight

Cuddly Cookiecat123456 Public 7 19
The Essendra Region

Myth comes to life. Can Man handle the changes to come?

Tags: role playing, Gijinka, Pokémon, literate, writing

The Bard of Essendra Private 8,720 15
Looking for Love; Fantasy University of Roleplaying

Fantasy University is a wide ranged rp guild based on tolerance of others and new unique rp idea's. Gaia TOS applies.

Tags: University, Fantasy, Roleplaying, Love, Tolerance

Raniala Amora Zyphr Public 602,025 35
Earthbound (Under Construction)

A guild where all the trolls of Homestuck are forced to live on Earth due to an Alternian project.

Tags: Homestuck, Earth, Romance, Adventure, MSPA

Feferi 38D Public 33 5
Legacy Academy (O/A)

The Justice League has a serious task set before them... The number of metas & homo-magi are overwhelming and they need your help.

Tags: Justice League, School, Superheroes, accepting, DC comics

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 1,212 64
Interspecies Protection Act

A Monster-Human Roleplay

Tags: Monster, Vampire, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves

Kagimaru Jared Private 498 2
The Vangore Crest

The Germanic Vagorian era

Tags: Vampire, Join, Role Play

Captain Vangore Private 60 9
Leda's Literate Roleplaying Guild!

Hell yeah, dude. Roleplaying.

Tags: Roleplaying, Literate, Posting

omfggg Public 43 11
~Circle of Friends~

a guild for everyone.

Tags: role play, talk

Alliecat298 Public 2 2
**~A love as big as this~**

a naughty guild with a great story line

Tags: roleplay, love, yaoi, yuri, straight

forgotten-pop Private 8 1
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