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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Eye-Candy Inc. Gatz TdaMax Private 2,235 128
[ Strawberry Flavored ] LymantriaDispar Private 5,450 296
The Reptile, Pokemon, Chat, and RP Guild of DOOM Tanya_the_elf Private 600 24
GROUP W: The Pirate-Batman Guild

A hangout for miscreants, most of whom are pirates and/or Batman fanatics. Common, why not join?

Tags: pirate, batman, joker, roleplay, hooligans

neverumindme Public 3,692 169
Keys to the Kingdom

A Kingdom Hearts Guild that focuses on RPing

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Organization 13, Disney, Final Fantasy

Blooming Oblivion Private 4,545 13
new zombie roleplay under construction


tamaki-the-host Public 7 6
Pokemon: Ronah Region

A guild for pokemon discussion, and other stuffs!

Tags: Pokemon, Eevee, Eeveelutions, discussions, role-play

Shiningpaw of ThunderClan Public 18 6
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Roleplaying Guild

All Hitman Reborn fans assemble!! Roleplaying community! Join with your dying will and do it like your life depends on it!!

Tags: Vongola Family [Boss: Phoenix_RX], Hitman Reborn Mission Briefings, Varia [ Boss: candayluvcheese], Battle Simulation Room, Cavalonne Family [Boss:lexurlargo]

Slightly Dorky Public 232 24

A guild for my friends and whomever else decides to join. Bagel?

Tags: NyansIsAPyro, Nyans, Myles, Random, Other things...

MrWubzy Public 31 2
Amateur Allotment

Join and share your stories, art, experiences, ect.

Tags: Talk, anything, amateur, tolerant, critique

Sonotris Private 4 3
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