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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Eye-Candy Inc. Gatz TdaMax Private 2,235 128
[ Strawberry Flavored ] LymantriaDispar Private 5,450 296
GROUP W: The Pirate-Batman Guild

A hangout for miscreants, most of whom are pirates and/or Batman fanatics. Common, why not join?

Tags: pirate, batman, joker, roleplay, hooligans

neverumindme Public 3,692 169
Keys to the Kingdom

A Kingdom Hearts Guild that focuses on RPing

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Organization 13, Disney, Final Fantasy

Blooming Oblivion Private 4,545 13
new zombie roleplay under construction


tamaki-the-host Public 7 6
Pokemon: Ronah Region

A guild for pokemon discussion, and other stuffs!

Tags: Pokemon, Eevee, Eeveelutions, discussions, role-play

Shiningpaw of ThunderClan Public 18 6
The New York guild

If your from New York ... Support it by joing in this Guild. Dont donate to guild if you want to donate trade ...

Tags: New york, queens, brooklyn, hood, bronx

xxnygtzgangstaxx Public 35 54
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Roleplaying Guild

All Hitman Reborn fans assemble!! Roleplaying community! Join with your dying will and do it like your life depends on it!!

Tags: Vongola Family [Boss: Phoenix_RX], Hitman Reborn Mission Briefings, Varia [ Boss: candayluvcheese], Battle Simulation Room, Cavalonne Family [Boss:lexurlargo]

Slightly Dorky Public 232 24

A guild for my friends and whomever else decides to join. Bagel?

Tags: NyansIsAPyro, Nyans, Myles, Random, Other things...

MrWubzy Public 31 2
Amateur Allotment

Join and share your stories, art, experiences, ect.

Tags: Talk, anything, amateur, tolerant, critique

Sonotris Private 4 3
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