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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
...[The Curio Shop]...

The Guild for The Curio Shop

Tags: Curio

Switch Gear Private 9,632 66
Official +Anima Guild

Love the +Anima manga series? Then join the Official +Anima Fan Guild.

Tags: +Anima, Cooro, Husky, Senri, Nana

Cappy-Tan Public 753 179
Fruits Basket the Next Generation

This is a Roleplay guild

Tags: anime, Manga, Fruits Basket, Contest, Prize

Karljna Public 374 18
The Seven Deadly Sins of Hell

Do you think you're a destructive sin? Come to our domain and see for yourself.

Tags: seven sins, The Seven Deadly Sins of Hell, pride, hell, wrath

The Wrathful Chizuko Public 2,956 443

Welcome to the land of the serpents....

Tags: Naga, Lamia, Snakes

That Marvel Guy Private 385 8
Prism: a clan RP (OPEN!)

A magical, dangerous world

Tags: Anime, Roleplay, Prism, Dragons

raspberrybl0od Public 540 11
the pewdiepie fan club (for all the bros of pewdiepie)

this is a guild for all the fans or you could say bros of the legend himself PEWDIEPIE

Tags: pewdiepie, stephano, the bro, martin, piggeh

fracturedloyalty Public 7 16
Zombies Zombies Zombies

Who doesn't want to discuss flesh eating infeteds?? This club is about everything zombies. There's a new meaning to brain dead...

Tags: zombie, zombies, apocolypse, brain, supernatural

HTOB Public 12 16
Holunder Clan

Vampires Hybrids Lycans dragons

Tags: vampire, lycan, hybrid, holunder, clan

SnakesCobraQueen Public 5 1
Quazok: The Lost Region

Tags: Pokemon, Outback, Mythology, Bigfoot, Gen 7

Angry darkthewolf Public 170 8
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