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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Tо Оvєятняощ Оlумpцs [ ᴘᴊᴏ / uc ]

To overthrow Olympus is to commit suicidal treachery...

Tags: Percy Jackson, Mount Olympus, Greek Gods, Battle, Violence

iUberUber l33t Public 715 16
Bound By These Chains

A Slave and Master Role Play

Tags: Slave, Master, Role Play, Anime, Club

Neonalius Black Public 1,496 44
Forgotten Flights

Guild for the Pern-based B/C shop, Forgotten Flights

Tags: Pern, Dragons, Breedables, Fantasy, Roleplaying

Faewynd Public 2,129 26
Yaoi Yuri Mix

Yaoi, Yuri, Role Playing, Cosplayers, Contests, Games, Fun, Events, Books, Writing

Tags: yaoi, yuri, chatting, role playing, Writing

Morbid Kitsune Public 23,355 410
Blood of my Blood

medieval, fantasy, roleplay,

Tags: Fantasy, Royalty, Role playing, family, Weird

EarthedSoldier Public 3,344 1
Return of Pluto- Re Vamped Delfine Cartalin Private 5,845 33

visual and performing arts guild

Tags: performing/visual, singing, acting, theater, drawing, writing, dancing, cooking

that-Asian-Chick Private 610 34
G e i S h a H o u S e

A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertain people((usually men)) Dancing,Singing.

Il Aiko Public 18 23
Les Miserables

Are you one of those who joined Javert's chase? Or helped build the barricade? Join our multi-purpose Les Mis guild for Les Mis Fans!RP here

Tags: Les Miserables, Roleplay, 19th century, France, West End

Queen Anna of Arendelle Public 268 31
music 4 life yay

this guild is all about music. 4 music lovers every where :P

Tags: love music, music, music for life, i love music

SandStripe Public 1 3
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