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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Return of Pluto- Re Vamped Delfine Cartalin Private 5,845 33
G e i S h a H o u S e

A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertain people((usually men)) Dancing,Singing.

Il Aiko Public 18 23
Forgotten Flights

Guild for the Pern-based B/C shop, Forgotten Flights

Tags: Pern, Dragons, Breedables, Fantasy, Roleplaying

Faewynd Public 2,129 26
Les Miserables

Are you one of those who joined Javert's chase? Or helped build the barricade? Join our multi-purpose Les Mis guild for Les Mis Fans!RP here

Tags: Les Miserables, Roleplay, 19th century, France, West End

Queen Anna of Arendelle Public 268 30
Yaoi Yuri Mix

Yaoi, Yuri, Role Playing, Cosplayers, Contests, Games, Fun, Events, Books, Writing

Tags: yaoi, yuri, chatting, role playing, Writing

Morbid Kitsune Public 23,355 410

visual and performing arts guild

Tags: performing/visual, singing, acting, theater, drawing, writing, dancing, cooking

that-Asian-Chick Private 611 34
Bound By These Chains

A Slave and Master Role Play

Tags: Slave, Master, Role Play, Anime, Club

Neonalius Black Public 1,496 44
Arranged Mariage {CLOSED}

Arranged marriage to save their homes.

Shinobi_Master89 Public 30 7
The Million-Acre Graveyard

Where the dead wake up every night to play!

Riku Glitch Public 29 2
music 4 life yay

this guild is all about music. 4 music lovers every where :P

Tags: love music, music, music for life, i love music

SandStripe Public 1 3
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