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Results for "shounen"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Guild Sakura Mikage Private 21,770 132
The Official Uke Guild Kusa-chan Private 23,785 1,122
.: Forbidden Love - The Original Sasuke/Naruto Guild :.

A guild for all those who enjoy Sasuke and Naruto in a romantic relationship.

Tags: Sasuke, Naruto, Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Anime

Akiru chan Private 16,855 1,125
Ninja Love: A Naruto Yaoi Guild Malevolent Daydreams Public 4,144 296
The Coffee Prince- RP Guild

Love Yaoi? So do we, so let's RP our hearts out. Love, Romance, It's Boy love.

Tags: yaoi, shounen ai, anime, boy love, romance

Saia-Hime Private 291 14
The Super Fighting Spirits

A guild for only the manliest manga demographic around.

Tags: Dragon Ball, Anime, Manga, Shounen, Martial Arts

xXInvisible_HotDogsXx Public 294 25
⊱ ℜιcн тнσяиs

diverese group of kids going to school on a hilltop. Secluded and too luxurious. A little suspicous. Maybe, but your parents sent you here..

Tags: Action, School, Anime rp, Shounen, Shoujo

himelia Private 236 14
Sean's Circle!

An organised version of an otherwise disorganised idea..

Tags: Anime/Manga, Roleplay, Art/Music, Discussion/Advice, Semi-Literate

PurpleTigerIndigoNinja Private 38 5
Signs of the Zodiac: The Next Chapter

A literate astrology based BL roleplay, where the personified Zodiacs and Planets make up the playable characters.

Tags: Zodiac, Planet, Yaoi, Literate, Shounen-ai

Yoshiki Asakura Private 102 5
A Hetalia Roleplaying Guild~

For all shapes and forms of hetalia roleplayers.

Tags: hetalia, roleplaying, yaoi, romance, drama

FaithInPoison Private 1 2
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