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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Mind Over Matter

A guild for the Psychonauts b/c shop.

Tags: roleplay, psychic, psychonauts, double fine, breedables

Mind Over Matter Staff Public 5,214 90
★ Nightmare Academy ★

Nightmare Academy Petshop Guild

Tags: monsters, kawaii, pastel goth, cute, demons

Yushika Private 4,857 147
☁~Silver Lining~☁

Breedable/changable pet guild

Silver Kiku Public 2,993 79
Chaotic Exceptions

A bunch of friends

Eftemie Public 20,944 31
Dream Dancers Dream Dancers Private 22,454 139
The Serengeti Plains: A B/C shop

This is the guild for the breedables shop known as The Serengeti Plains.

Tags: serengeti, king, cats, lion

Shanra the Dragon Bard Public 2,993 62
The Mother Ship

RP/Journals/Shop Stuff for, "Electrodes a Bio-Robotic" b/c

Tags: Electrodes, Journals, Role Play, Games/Events, Shop Information

Electrodes-Mule Public 45 7
Grimoires ~ A B/C Shop Guild

B/C Shop Guild

Zakiax Public 759 17
Heebie Jeebies

Guild for the B/C shop Heebie Jeebies: Monsters in Space!

Tags: Monsters, Heebie, Jeebie, Aliens, unique

HeebieJeebie Monsters Public 147 17

Tags: dragons, breedables, draskir, fantasy

Draskir Shop Public 5 2
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