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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The FlyFF (Fly For Fun) Addicts Erepo Public 10,194 658
.Hack//OPPRESSION angelix Public 13,788 15
Amy (Lee) Hartzler is love. Lunatic Thirteens Private 3,625 320

This is the online forum for the Maple story guild Etalon (In Mardia).

Tags: Maple Story, Mardia, Etalon, Nykhole, Nexon

ShinobiRedScarf Public 5,581 7
The Old Farts of Gaia t r i s c u i t Private 5,994 120
zOMG Wars!

This is your fight! Come join and be a zOMG! warrior!

Tags: Rings, Servers, zOMG!, loot, recipes

Sebastian Michaelisss Public 29 9
Sanzatann Montre Pour

Freak Show Masquerade

Tags: Freak Show, Masquerade, Fiction, Fantasy, Role play

Random Lullaby Private 21 4
Dragon Nest

A guild for people who play the MMORPG Dragon Nest

Tags: Dragon, Nest, Nexon, MMORPG, Online

XDlolalt Public 2 1
[USZRT] United States Zombie Response Team

a team of trained zombie killers for all your apocalyptic undead killing needs

Tags: Zombies, Weapons, Video Games, apocalypse, military

B00T T0 THE HEAD Public 7 3
Digimon: new server (rp guild)

A guild for our new DigiDestined and their digimon.

Tags: Digimon, role playing, tamer

bendonatier Private 169 15
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