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Final Fantasy XIV-The Guild

A guild community for all player involved in Final Fantasy XIV

Tags: Final Fantasy, MMORPG, FFXIV, Playstation 3, PC Gaming

Xikar Wyrhart Public 1,880 123

fred figglehorn is awesome!!!! :O

Saralalala Public 170 178
Elite Miners (A MineCraft Guild)

a guild for all those wishing to view, and show off, videos/pictures of their creations! Come join :D

Tags: Minecraft, Elite, Creators, Monsters, Servers

SeriousBradTime Public 9 7
Philippines In Gaia (PIG)

Where Filipinos in Gaia unite

Tags: Pinoy, Philippines, Filipino, Advice, Help

-l- iRaviNz -l- Private 61 38

We farm Tikki Terrors, We make tons of money from it, and we ROCK it HARD!

Tags: ZOMG, Tikki, Terror, Farming, Terrors

Captain Alexzandrettia Public 512 49
Guild of Proud Filipinos

Home for real Filipinos, pwedeng tambayan, pwedeng pagusapan, pwedeng makipag friends. ALL FILIPINOS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!

Tags: Tambayan, Filipino, Philippines, Asian, Pinoy

Server Failed Public 1,828 119
Pink Academy ♥

Want school that's all about fun? Then this is the guild for you. :)

Tags: School, Pink, Academy, Filipino, Pinoy

iJanna Private 1,169 116
Eldritch Mercenaries Applications

For WoW players with an interest in joining Eldritch Mercenaries Guild (Silver Hand Server)

Tags: Application, World of Warcraft, Eldritch Mercenaries, Alliance, Silver Hand

Amorra Aeterna Public 5 1
Minecraft~0tx.org~xLegionx Faction

xLegionx faction guild for the otx minecraft server!

Tags: minecraft, legion, server, faction

evilperson123 Private 1,493 1
Dawn Craft

a guild for the minecraft server I own

Tags: Dawn, Craft, minecraft, server, game

angel1411 Private 2 2
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