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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
World of Warcraft (WOW United) blue eyed angle Private 1,371 264
Minecraft Fan Guild

A guild for those that are fans of Minecraft

Tags: Minecraft, Gaming, guild, Server, Sand box game

Mage4lyph Public 36 21
Kais Server

Guild with room for a large community.

Tags: Roleplaying, Federation, Kaisul

Kaisul Public 221 1
Wolf Clan of Gaia


Tags: wolf, pack, zomg, wolves, ranks

punkitty17 Public 24 27

A guild based on the hit sandbox game "Minecraft"

Tags: Minecraft, Guide, Servers, Updates, Tips 'n' Tricks

felinoel Public 123 76
The Pony Inn

Hang out here in a realistically life related environment.

Tags: Events, Social, Friends, The Pony Inn, Gold

I Am A Happy Waffle Public 4 8
World Of Minecraft Friends

Friend's Guild

Tags: Minecraft, Yoututbe, Friends

Jin The Penguin Public 4 7
✯The 5 Points (T5P or L5P)✯

We want to gain power and respect for our people

Tags: gang, star, yellow, black, gold

jhkghuytfgdhetdf Public 8 25
Grand Fantasia Players Association

Welcoming all the GFO Players out there!

Tags: Play, Grand, Fantasia, Game, Help

Arazura Public 5 8
Knight Reapers

We work together and help our members.

Tags: Knight Reapers, Battlefield 3, World of Warcraft, Clan, Guild

VideoGamingNerdFace Public 1 1
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