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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Final Fantasy XI

Tags: final fantasy XI, mmorpg, squareenix, eleven

Drowningwaters Public 12,838 1,086
Minecraft Fan Guild

A guild for those that are fans of Minecraft

Tags: Minecraft, Gaming, guild, Server, Sand box game

Mage4lyph Public 35 20

A guild based on the hit sandbox game "Minecraft"

Tags: Minecraft, Guide, Servers, Updates, Tips 'n' Tricks

Spap Public 122 77
World of Warcraft (WOW United) blue eyed angle Private 1,371 264
Guild of Proud Filipinos

Home for real Filipinos, pwedeng tambayan, pwedeng pagusapan, pwedeng makipag friends. ALL FILIPINOS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!

Tags: Tambayan, Filipino, Philippines, Asian, Pinoy

Server Failed Public 1,828 119
zOMGgaians unite!

zomg time

Tags: monsters, fight, gold, null, server

Vanilan Public 14 14
The Pony Inn

Hang out here in a realistically life related environment.

Tags: Events, Social, Friends, The Pony Inn, Gold

I Am A Happy Waffle Public 4 8
World Of Minecraft Friends

Friend's Guild

Tags: Minecraft, Yoututbe, Friends

Jin The Penguin Public 4 7
✯The 5 Points (T5P or L5P)✯

We want to gain power and respect for our people

Tags: gang, star, yellow, black, gold

La Puta Migra Public 8 22
Knight Reapers

We work together and help our members.

Tags: Knight Reapers, Battlefield 3, World of Warcraft, Clan, Guild

VideoGamingNerdFace Public 1 1
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