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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Channel [G] - LOL is imminent! Your Parents Public 8,384 358
Nux Lumireis

A semi-literate to literate roleplaying guild.

Tags: roleplaying, fantasy, anime, writing, adventure

Parallastrix Public 33 1
The Paranoia

A zOMG guild. We don't shit around.

Tags: zOMG, Gold, Roleplay, Papa Saw, TT Farming

Lady Ghuleh Public 262 63
[The World] [v0.0]

The Best MMORPG around

Tags: Gaming, Roleplaying, .HACK//

sheena91 Public 358 13

We are the followers of The Almighty Lag.

Tags: Laganism, Lagging, Gods, zOMG, server lag

The Almighty Lag Public 28 7
Agrimonium - An MMORPG Based Guild

Tags: Gaming, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalypse

foxdie-decoy Public 2 1
The Ragnarok Online Guide

A RO Guild for all public and private servers, no promotions - helpful staff.

Tags: ragnarok, online, private, public, server

Raemz Public 7 1
xbox minecraft hungergames server

Where to rent a hungergames server

Tags: minecraft, hunger games, Pked, Servers, Variety

Ivy the darkness spirit Public 1 1
Horsebee Cult

zOMG Horsebee Cult.

Tags: horsebee, cult, clan, everyone is welcome

thespeckledfreckle Private 42 15

G-Radio is a live podcast where we allow people to broadcast their radio shows for free!

Tags: the GD, Prommie, Radio, Gaian Radio, G Radio

Dr Sub Public 53 24
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