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First World Inc.™

Elite company of innovators, who's sole purpose is to better technology for the future.

Tags: Futuristic, Company, Technology, Role Playing

IC - Spark Private 61 7
Horsebee Cult

zOMG Horsebee Cult.

Tags: horsebee, cult, clan, everyone is welcome

Onyx_Muffin Private 42 15
Sword Art Online Incident

In the year 2022 a new highly anticipated VRMMORPG is released.

Tags: Sword Art Online, Aincrad, Roleplay, Sword Combat, Fantasy

Cursed1217 Private 323 10

G-Radio is a live podcast where we allow people to broadcast their radio shows for free!

Tags: the GD, Prommie, Radio, Gaian Radio, G Radio

Dr Sub Public 53 23
Best Crews Of zOMG

Tags: Smob zOMG, zOMG, Smeb zOMG, Papa Saw zOMG, DMS zOMG

iNexaso Public 35 30
New Game: Age of Wushu Online (Team RECON)

(guild in progress)

Tags: MMORPG, Open PVP, Team, Kung Fu

Aye Banyez Public 2 7
The Cowfia

mobing hollywood or rally or towns with nothing but cows. :D

Tags: mobs, cows, rally, town, hollywood

Mr-Mooers Public 39 34
WoW Gaia

A guild for gaians who play World of Warcraft and are looking for a group of people who do the same.

Tags: World of Warcraft, Horde, Alliance

Dyreven Public 17 6
Barton Wanderers

zOMG based chat guild

Tags: chat, fight, quest, social, Barton

The Ratslayer Public 80 30
Highwind's Finest

Guild For FFXIV: A Relam Reborn

Tags: Final, Fantasy

DarschZero Private 32 6
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