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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Chat Guild! #Go-Gaia Chat Danger2you Private 1,460 87
Gunz Heaven Vatali Public 3,174 67
Digi-Destined: (Hiatus) Stay tuned, reopens Aug 2011

A guild for the Digi-Destined shop

Tags: Digi-Destined, Digimon

Gazimon X Private 377 30
The Organization of Evil Gaian Crashers

For those who crashed Gaia during Gaia Spirit Week `09 ... and anyone else who's cool enough.

Tags: Spirit Week, Evil Organization, Crashers, Gaian

lenoire Private 6,442 80
The World R:2. ~ A Twilight Romance~Open & Accpeting.

Play in the World of Dot. Hack R:2

Tags: romance, .hack, dot hack, The World, role playing

Royuka 88 Public 652 35
ριиσʏ καωαιι вαяκα∂α'ƨ ɢʋιℓ∂

Join Us! And Spread The Peace and Love ! Pinoy Pride ! :D

Tags: pinoy, kawaii, barkada's, philippines, cute

nicoleeeeex3 Private 5,794 171

This is a Pokemon Online Gamming and Discussion Guild. I hope you guys have fun!

Tags: Fun,Role Playing,Pokemon,Pokemon Online

Sleepy Slowpoke Private 1,673 3
The Cavalry

Gaiaonline and Mabinogi Alexina Joint Guild!

Tags: Mabinogi, Alexina, Cavalry, gaming, social

Xaeok Private 12 6
zOMG! Addicts

Join today for tips on making gold, finding the right crew, or just finding friends with the same interests.

Tags: zOMG!, Gold Earning, Farming, Shallow Seas, SS help

Inside the TV Public 3 2
The Fortress Craft Guild

The First, Official Guild for Minecraft for the Xbox, Fortress Craft on Gaia.

Tags: Fortress

SQUEE The Pancake II Public 5 1
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