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Final Fantasy 8: Aberrance

FF8:Aberrance Alpha. Testing, rp testing till further notice. if you are interested in testing pls message a captain.

Tags: Final Fantasy, Sorcery, Modern, Original Character, Canon Character

Nauscica Private 1,082 15
House of Night Rp Guild

RP guild based on 'House of Night' Series

Tags: House of Night, School, Vampyre, Role play, Fledglings

Aesthetic Lecher Private 56,655 41
Fighting Inflations

Trying to Fight These Inflations

Name Here -RMS Public 51 63
The Elven Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Elven Guild

Tags: Elven, Role Play, Hang out

Arwen Private 30,455 215
I x I The Brotherhood of Black Knights I x I

Bringing back the old Empire Miss it

Tags: Dress-Up, Role-Play, Black Avatar Empire, Knights, Literate Illiterate

DirtierSenpai Public 70 2
Investigation Free The Nation [Pokemon]

A RP combining many Pokemon elements.

Tags: Pokemon, Role Play, Pokemon Ranger, Gijinka, Snagem

Honey_Addiction Public 286 39
The Wolfgang Family

The place where the members of the Wolfgang family can go

Tags: Family, Role Playing

Ghost of Wolfgang Public 16 7
Ole All Day

A guild of the up most enjoyment. A group where you can talk, hang and/or party! Friends, family and ruffians alike are encouraged to join!

Tags: Ole All day, That, Fapp, DigBig, Friends

Chubb-n-Frubb Private 192 22
Proteus Paradox

We are a family to donate, and help people about of the Inflation, we range around Rallies, Towns, and Towns 2.

Tags: Family, United, Role-Play, Proteus, Paradox

DirtierSenpai Public 7 4

Rich Nigga Club

Tags: Gold, Rich, Money, Club, Not Serious

Holly cx Public 5 12
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