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†Masters Of Gaia†

This guild is for fun, cool, funny and experienced/rich people. We are taking over Gaia 1 step at a time.

Tags: funny, cool, rich, anime, games

starsfury Private 44,616 1,039
ℱang VϨ ℱang

Fang verses Fang. A NEW Were-wolf, Vampire, slayer role-play guild for the dark and feral at heart.

Tags: slayer, fang, battle, wolf, vampire

Dreams Can Kill Private 1,139 8
The Shelter

Community Guild

A Lovely Sight Public 459 196

5ive7even known as 5upreme 7eam, Fuck The Rest.

Tags: swag, supreme, crew, hangout, rich

Supremvcy Public 27 38
LK Lavish Kings


Tags: Lavish, No Lames, Rich, Stay real, Coolin

Tragic xDMx Public 19 13
Ouran Academy's Hostess and Host's Club~!

You'll find both hostesses and host's here~

Tags: Ouran, Tamaki, Hostess, Haruhi, Hikaru

Icey Promise Public 5 1
Guap Fam Back

Guap Fam Back

Tags: No Dick Riders

guap back Public 3 11
The Rich People Out to Make Your Lives Awful Le King Public 1,379 4,294,967,291
The Valkorian Mystery【Roleplay Guild】

A fantasy driven murder mystery guild with hidden clues and NPCs. Can you figure out who murdered the Queen?

Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Faeries(Faries), Mystery, Magic(k)

E l N l N Private 317 5
King Of Raps

Best Rappers of all Gaia History

Tags: Rappers, King, Rich, Donations, battles

Rebolutionary Public 110 17
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