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Hunters of Sin

The year is 2094, a time when demons now work with humans to kill 'sinners'. Two main 'sin-slaying' groups are against each other for fame.

Tags: Hunters, Fighting, Semi literate, Roleplaying, Fantasy

Yume no Shirube Private 678 23
The Freaks Academy.

Freaks, Musicians, Preps, Weird things, Creepy-ness, Freinds.

HollytoHollywood Public 4,428 22

The user-run radio show with all your Gaia entertainment needs!

Tags: Radio, Music, Broadcast, Station, Gaia Radio

MissGuild4Sale Public 367 123
Blood Moon Howlers

Place where Wolves meet and Rp. (O/A)

Tags: Wolf, Role Playing, Pack, Moon

Demon Crow Sebastian Public 12 11
The Bards' Guild

Tags: bard, research, roleplay, arts

Sehan Bowman Private 7,335 34
Naruto Guild: Death & Rebirth [OPEN] Lunarsun Private 3,283 4
A ALL-Type RolePlay Guild

roleplays,adventurouse,love.But it will be fun i promise ^^ t it will be fun i promise ^^

XxPraveena the FlutistxX Public 6,375 26
Battle Of The Races ◅

Welcome to Battle Of The Races. A war that was been going on for centuries between demons, vampires, & kitsunes. Which side will you take?

Tags: Action, Demons, Vampires, Kitsunes, Romance

MMXIV Public 18,587 50
Sacred Blood Academy

The Place Where Your Deepest And Darkest Thoughts Come Into Play!

Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Role-playing, Witches, Magic

BabyVanillie Private 303 3
The Neighbor's Club 101

A temporary base for launching the next big social network.

Pearingu Private 126 1
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