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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Nukedashititte :D

This is a guild made for getting away from your troubles, hanging out, and having fun ( and most likely get lost chatting about anime :D )

Tags: Higurashi, break, free, enjoy, anime

Erthond Regulus Public 3,224 36
Skylanders' Adventures

A private Skylander Roleplaying guild, where the Skylanders are not who you think.

Tags: Skylanders, role playing, original, characters, Elements

Brooke Stream Private 99 25
The Last 1919 Gathering...

This is the planning stage if the last party to be held in 5 001919 in the original Gaia Towns.

Tags: Zurg, 1919 Towns, Year 2006, Party, Memorial

Qyp Public 438 61
A ALL-Type RolePlay Guild

roleplays,adventurouse,love.But it will be fun i promise ^^ t it will be fun i promise ^^

XxPraveena the FlutistxX Public 6,375 26
✰Pas†el's R♡le Play Tree H♡use

Welcome to Pastel's, we welcome yaoi, yuri, furry, fandom, origional, master x slave, and more! (Mostly Yaoi)

Tags: yaoi,yuri,romance,master,slave,love, wolf,horse,pony,equine,furry,high school, college,cafe,drama,mystery,bondage, monster,slime,contest,gold,boylove,shota, bara,vampire,werewolf,roleplay,rp

the gothic beauty 2 Private 4,764 68
Sentinel zOMG

Gaians come together to zOMG. Join our Mafia Familia.

Tags: Sentinel, zOMG, Mafia, Family, Party

Gigi Vasari Public 728 134
les/bii paradise

girls only

Tags: lesbian/bi, girls only, yuri, Friends

iiDarby Public 7,211 801

An up in coming .hack RP guild

Tags: .hack, Sign, Twilight, Roots, link

Akemi Mercuraki Private 180 13
Double Rainbow: Booty Grab guild

Booty grab, Aquarium Discussion, Ect

Divine Crime Public 24 4
Sexy Colors

This is a community that wears one color for their avi.

Tags: Rainbow, Color, Sexy, Guild, Purple

Emotionally Social Public 2 3
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