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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Pokémon Gaming Guild

Discuss, Share, Battle, Trade

Tags: Pokemon, X and Y, Diamond Pearl, Black, White

Cormini Private 121,741 4,889
The Kimchi Region - A Pokémon RP

A literate roleplaying guild based on the Pokémon manga, as well as the games. A password is required to join.

Tags: Pokémon, Literate, Roleplay, Non stat based, Region

Arthur Mays Private 22,781 45
The Pokemon League

Pokemon at its finest

Tags: Kanto/Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova, Kalos

Terrance_Nicolas_Bogard Public 442 76
Coin Catchers

A simple easy-to-use Booty Grab guild with a list of the best tanks, and some games with great prizes!

Tags: booty, grab, guild, gold, aquarium

Awkward Anarchy Private 53,019 2,488
Pokemon Life

A guild to make up your own pokemon adventure, collect badges and maybe even find romance

Tags: Pokemon, Roleplaying, Adventure, Romance, Semi-Literate

Zananimal Public 1,195 62
Pokemon: The Shikoku Sagas

All 6 Generations in a brand new Region!

Tags: Pokémon, Anime, Roleplaying, Shikoku, Sagas

Ultima228 Private 203 26
Junjica Region

Strange world

Tags: Pokemon, Fusions, World, Battling

Wire_Colossus Private 234 5
Rosuto Wārudo Pokemon Academy

This is a Pokemon Role playing guild were you can be either pokemon or Trainer.

Tags: Pokemon, Role Playing

Kazu Arrowsoki Public 1,270 2
Pokemon Lover's Ball

A place where Pokemon Lovers Unite

Tags: pokemon, Gaming,, fantasy, anime

TheMysteriousManiac Public 10 7
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Gaia U/C

A mystery dungeon guild

The Froggy Girl Public 3 2
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