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Sibling Rivalry

Like Samurais' and Ninjas'? Then come join this guild for an awesome Samurai V.S. Ninja role play!

Tags: Fantasy, Violence, Army, Romance, Roleplaying

Killer_Neko21 Public 591 10
The Hyde Building

An unsettlingly quiet building located on the outskirts of society. It is the home of a reclusive stranger.

Tags: Detective, Home, Business, Gaia, Roleplay

SwordsmanChris Public 273 1
Plains of A'veron

Tags: Griffin, Roleplay, Breedings, Customs, Awesome

Sky Mother Public 379 39
Characters Welcome at USA Network!

A guild dedicated to the many great shows on the USA Network!

Tags: mystery, crime shows, entertainment, action shows, usa network

Audrey 2 Returns Public 221 46
Adventures on planet Etori

Tags: Sci-Fi, Aliens, Planet, Humans, Adventure & Romance

The Demon Dreamer Private 140 6
◓ ◓ ▀▄ The Tech Region ▄▀ ◓ ◓

my own little pokemon world and private-rp

Tags: pokemon, made up, private roleplay, OC galore

The Mating Call Private 171 8
.::~Parallel The World Of Many Worlds~::.{UnderConstruction}

Journey to the unknown to uncover secrets to Parallel and stop the great evil the threatens to control it.

Tags: world, dimensions, travel, anime, action

NemaColden Public 12 6

Welcome to the circus de anismalic~

Tags: circus, carnival, roleplay, magic, animal

Amusingly Childish Public 650 11
Aisuru Shimai

Fantasy guild for ninja and samurai Role playing

Tags: fantasy, role play, Accepthing, ninja, samurai

Yuno Nona Humira Public 4 2
The Terra University

Light, Dark, Good, Bad? Those are only word here. Build your own path.

Tags: Role Playing, School, Anime, Cartoon

Skydiverfenzy Public 2 5
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