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❖⊱- Dreams long forgotten -⊰❖

A Roleplaying Guild

Princely Type Private 628 7
The World of Aincrad [Closed]

In the year 2022 the new VRMMORPG of the year becomes everybody’s worse nightmare.

Tags: Role Play, Survival, Fighting, Romance, Sword Art Online

Evil Emperor Ecchimaru Private 6,646 1
♥ The Valentines ♫

A guild where all role players are welcome ♥

Tags: military, flowers, gold, game, fantasty

Alchemist Vox Von Lupine Public 71 47
The Seven Elemental Rifts

There are 7 elemental rifts: Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Terra, and the Void also known as Space.

Tags: Role Play, Elemental, Wars, Romance, Giveaways

SilverBowAndArrow Public 1,128 12

Welcome dimensional traveler, to the Plane known as Innistrad.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, Ghost, Human

Vincent Voldaren Private 850 22
Paint It Rainbow~! A Hetalia Guild

A Hetalia Roleplay, and Discussion Guild. ((U/C))

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, Discussion, Humor, Yaoi

LoversOfLovers2 Public 828 35
.::~Parallel The World Of Many Worlds~::.{UnderConstruction}

A World of Many Worlds. Journey to the unknown to uncover secrets to Parallel and stop the great evil the threatens to control it.

Tags: world, dimensions, travel, anime, action

NemaColden Private 12 5
Lunar Wolf Guardians

Guardians of the night.

Tags: Protection, Allies

SilentJ1 Private 11 2

This guild is dedicated to making Gaian's dreams come true.

Tags: charity, gold, quest

Branden Morgan Private 12 2

Anime and Manga Club

Tags: anime, Manga, Role Playing, Interest based, Cosplay

Ketzu44 Public 7 1
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