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~Wish Upon a Star~

Anime, shops, and contests, oh my!

Tags: anime, entertainment, creative art, contests, photography

mia risingbird Public 15,661 1,082
Star Wars: Galactic Incursions

For the Republic!

Tags: star was, galactic, incursions, jedi, sith

Darth Roh Public 1,188 112
Sailor Moon Lovers!!!

This is manly a guild for all people that love sailor moon ( no haters)

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Sailor Moon, Love, Gaia

Xx---Lady--Of--Light---Xx Public 38 29
Arkham School For Troubled Youth

AU Batman RP. What is the story now?

Tags: Batman, arkham, teenagers, school, roleplay

Doom Me Baby Public 2,687 6
A G aian Wedding (Closed!)(Valentine Party up)

A G aian Wedding is a Wedding and Party planning buisness, but we also do lots of fun things within the guild, check us out! :D

Tags: Wedding, Party, Bride, Groom, Married

DeSilva Wedding Co Public 555 187
The Fallen Zone

Life as you know is has gone to the dead; what will you do now?

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Survival, Walking Dead, Dead

da_final_ninja Public 541 12
Willow Creek

A highly literate RP Guild featuring various subforums to fit any RP needs. Now also featuring an Elite subform for the highest form of RP.

Tags: Literate, Roleplaying, Elite, Romance, Willow Creek

DarlingMikachuu Private 81 2
Dragon Ball Z: Generations

A rp remake of DBZ with added story, characters, fights, and techniques.

Tags: Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Vegeta, Generations, Radou

Radou Tepes Public 1,485 12
~F.a.n.t.a.s.y.~ A Role Playing Guild

Roleplaying of all sorts

Tags: fantasy, romance, books, movies

The Red Coyote Private 351 3
Naruto: Shinobi's Destiny

Naruto RP where you can create your own OC and/or use an original Naruto character.

Tags: Naruto, Role Play, Anime, Shinobi, Adventure

oru-chan Public 264 10
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