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Penny In My Pocket

Miscellaneous Conversation and Contests

Tags: discussion, tektek, random, contest, free

bucketfull_Y_ofrandomness Public 3,200 15
A Tale of Thunder and Lightning

A Tale of Courage, Bravery, War, Loss, Devastation, and Hope. A Tale of Thunder and Lightning is a guild based on many different races.

Tags: Vampire, demon, elvian, werewolf, human

Ayperos Phantom Public 3,111 143
T.Y.O.P.T.A.N. xXx Mu xXx Private 544 54
Reed's Land of Magical Creatures: A Magical Romance RP

magic, creatures, fantasy

Tags: magic, creatures, fantasy, myths

angelmage99 Private 64,773 141
the RISING. - among warriors.

The Rising is a literate role play guild based around the epic and intense lives of Warriors.

Tags: Warriors, Role Playing, Cats, Clans, Epic

Clever Ducky Public 11,004 119
Rat Lovers Association Of Gaiaonline

This guild is a guild for people who love and want or do own rats i plan on fighting for this guild to be active every day

Tags: Rats, fancy, rodent, FancyRat, dumbo

Ants In Your Pants Public 1,687 244
The Gathering Storm

The crew of The Retribution searches the galaxy for those to help stop the dark empire. {sci-fi/adventure RP}

Tags: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Role Play, Fighting, Betrayal

bbonezz Private 149 10
Gaia Twerk Team

Can you twerk? Join now

Tags: twerk, team, gaia

New Vegas Public 20 28
Another- The Roleplay

Students of class 3-3 are cursed. Each month a number of students or family close to the students die. Is it possible to break the curse?

Tags: another, horror, school, curse, survive

Geek Sama Private 88 6
Little Lucy's Turtle Tank

Have a pet Turtle? Terrapin or tortoise, this guild is for people to share photos and ask questions about their pet turtles!

Tags: Turtles, Tortoise, Terrapin, Pets, Animals

Insidious Formality Public 4 1
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