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~Anime Otaku Luv Cosplayers Guild~

A guild for cosplayers and lovers of; anime, manga, and video games

Tags: anime, cosplay, manga

_KitsuneKarinChan_ Private 114 86
Avatar Modeling Shoot

We get along with each other & do a good job

SeraphSenpai PetMeoRyo Public 14 12
Its a Instagram thing

welcome how are things today?

Tags: photos, instagram, music, anime, follow

Black Royal Angle Public 5 5
Shadows Bane (Under Construction)

A Medieval and Fantasy Roleplay Guild; Where There Are Many Things To See And Do.

Tags: Fantasy, Medieval, Adventure, Battling, Imagination

Himaru77 Public 3,972 4
Hiddlestoner Haven

For all your Tom Hiddleston needs

Tags: thomas, hiddleston, avengers, actor, loki

LithiumXwolf Public 3,749 15
C.O.G. GEARs (The Coalition of Ordered Governments)

Brothers till the end.

Tags: soldiers, Gears of war, elte, military, Roleplay

Ayperos Americorn Private 783 199
☯ ☾ Midnight Reborn ☽ ☯

Midnight... A place filled with love and joy... Controlled by fear and hate...

Tags: Romance, Action, Death, Midnight, Monster

DinosaurWoe Public 158 4
Steam Wars

A role play guild for all the steam punk lovers.

Tags: steampunk, victorian, roleplay, steam, kingdoms

Berethiel Private 6 4
Aryel's Time Vortex

Doctor Who Guild

Tags: Doctor Who, role-play, cosplay, discussion

Aryel Amaretto Public 3 2
The Demon hunting crew

A roleplaying demon hunting society

Tags: supernatural, Ghost Rider, Devil May Cry, espers, Black Butler

Southern Badass Public 10 5
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