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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pets and Animals Guild!

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats

Savage Destiny Public 125,966 14,718
D-T3CH :: HyTech . Basement . C*cktail

Joint Guild for Hybrid Technica, The Basement, and C*cktail

Tags: hytech, hyte, basement, hexes, cocktail

Jun D Private 5,405 154

This is a wolf based breedables shop

Tags: breedables, wolf, wolves, Duality, pets

An Angelic Panda Private 8,332 126
Clash for Unova

A Gijinka Guild The Templars(Good) The Legion of Dante(Evil) Clash over the Lands of Unova

Tags: Slaves, Pets, Pokemon, Romance, Death

Kyohei_Lockhart_Strife Private 997 12
Slave & Master ~ A Roleplay Guild

Slave and master love pets fun amazing rp

Tags: Role playing, Slave and master, Mistres, Love, Pets

ForsythiaNyxx Public 223 41

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats, wanderlust

Wanderlust Scientist Public 1,027 80
B/C plots

Kiana's B/C pets plot guild

Tags: Soquili, Plots, B/C pets

~Kiana_Nala~ Public 26 1
The Cute Animals Crime Syndicate

We're a cute band of tough animals.

Tags: Pets, Animal Bases, Innocent, Cute, Syndicate

Kobura24 Public 6 6
Dumpster Liberators

Donate decent items to the dumpster to brighten someone's day, and take a break from the caches!

Tags: Dumpster Dive, Items, Donations, Help, Charity

AiiroShinju Public 1 8
~Paradise Rising~Guild for All Roleplays~Now Open!!!!!!

Make your Role Playing Ideas and Dreams a Reality! Welcome!

Tags: Yaoi/Yuri/Straight ((All)), Master/Slave/Pet, Fantasy/Fanbased, Yandere/Tsundere/Kuudere/Kamidere Ect., Dark Arts-BDSMBondage Ect, Ect.

X-Isolated_Insanity-X Public 29 6
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