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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Pets and Animals Guild!

Tags: pets, animals, dogs, cats

Savage Destiny Public 125,959 14,727
Maestros y Escalvos: A Master/Slave Roleplaying Guild

This guild is to get those who are driven towards the Master and Slave roleplays to have another sanctuary to roleplay as they wish.

Tags: Roleplaying, Masters and Slaves, Masters, Slaves, Pets

SimsGirl87 Public 788 34

A kelpie B/C pet shop.

Tags: horses, ponies, seapony, hippocampus, kelpie

Tenkohime Public 147 8
Hearts of Black Lace LizzyMoo Private 222 1
Note-Worthy Note-Worthy Public 193 21
Tea-Dragons - B/C Shop Guild

If you are a Tea-Dragons owner or just a fan, join to rp, enter in contests and show off your dragons!

Tags: dragons, pets

Tea-Dragons Public 408 43
My lovely pet - A Master & Slave roleplay

Come, and join our guild where all are welcome. Whether you be a shy Slave, or a Noble Master there will always be a chance at love for you

Tags: master, slave, romance, roleplaying

Cisala Elden Public 728 9
ChaosMyotismon's Guild

A Place for my BC Pets

ChaosMyotismon Private 102 1
nekolulu's world

a place for my pets

nekolulu Private 779 4
Fox and Wolf Guild.

A guild that's full of animals and pet owners

Tags: wolf, animals, creatures, pet owner, koji

Gimme yo cookies Public 1 3
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