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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Note-Worthy Note-Worthy Public 193 21
Questline Charity

A charity for the breedable society.

Tags: Charity, Breedable/Changing

Questline Private 2,044 248
My Lil' Pet Shop

Guild for the My Lil' Pet Shop B/C

Tags: Pets, Breedable, Flower Bunny's

Kittys Lil Pet Shop Public 1,486 34
Wooly WindChimes

The guild for the B/C shop with the same name.

Tags: sheeps, iSexy, Goddess, pets, cute

baabaasheepy Public 3,448 60
Bucket O' Nothing

Tags: Breedable, List, AndrAIa, ReBoot, Pets

AndrAIa Private 2,528 6
Hearts of Black Lace LizzyMoo Private 222 1
Tea-Dragons - B/C Shop Guild

If you are a Tea-Dragons owner or just a fan, join to rp, enter in contests and show off your dragons!

Tags: dragons, pets

Tea-Dragons Public 408 43
Pet Shop, Journals and More

The place for pets and RP records

Tags: Pets, Shop, RolePlay, Journal, More

Draconis Alduari Public 50 10
Final Fantasy XIII: A Forgotten Past

l'Cie. Those marked by the fal'Cie for a greater destiny....

Tags: Final Fantasy, Square Enix, l'Cie, Fal'Cie, Pulse

RenoRussia-Chan Public 158 8
The Journey of Tears

A World of despair, three races rebeling against one another. Who shall prevail?

Tags: Kingdom, Wars, Demons, Half Breeds, Adventure

Neko in a Boxx Public 6 5
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