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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Breedables Haven

This is a place for Breedable shops to get together

Dea and #Teddy# Private 8,624 33
Anthropomorphs RolePlay Guild 2.0 Dracier Public 5,863 59
:: Soul Guardians ::

Welcome to the Soul Guardians Guild

Spirit Guardians Private 431 77

Freeform RP and general place to hang out!

BlackMN Public 7,891 40
[ + ] Nashoba Valley [ + ]

RP Journals

Tags: roleplay, journals, breedables

Shady Myst Private 585 9
Caitlyn and the gang's Library and Random Stuff Caitlyn Hellstorm Private 600 7
~My little Pet~ (Yaoi Master/Slave Rp)

Yaoi, Master/Slave Rping

Tags: Yaoi, Master/Slave, Rping

Keito_Huntsmen Public 143 25
The official Master,Slave and Pet guild

Will you be a master/mistress or a Pet/Slave?Will you be nice or cruel?Shy or outgoing?Only you can decide.

Tags: Master., Slave., Pet/Slave, RolePlay

WhitBug12 Public 2,440 46
The Mystical Island of Keyotan

An rp guild where the story takes place on a feudal oriental island isolated from mainland japan for centuries

Tags: Samurai, Keyotan, roleplaying, magik, Romance

Kiaratiger Public 533 10

For the bored males and females of gais that are looking for masters/slave-pets to role play with!

Tags: Fury, roleplay, master, slave, pets

Sensual Snow Public 2 1
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