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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Birds Of a feather guild

Guild for boaf

Tags: Birds of a feather, pets

Lady Evelon Public 365 19
Felly's RAoK Temple Fellanora Private 15,792 19
OLD Stymph's guild

Tags: Breedables, Pets, Wing, Cats

Stymphalian Queen Public 16,161 82
Tea-Dragons - B/C Shop Guild

If you are a Tea-Dragons owner or just a fan, join to rp, enter in contests and show off your dragons!

Tags: dragons, pets

Tea-Dragons Public 474 45

The guild for the meerkat B/C pet, MOB!

Tags: meerkat, suricate, kalahari, breedable, mongoose

Meerkat Mob Public 540 25

Freeform RP and general place to hang out!

BlackMN Public 7,909 40
Dreamwisp Mintaka Private 332 3
Animals Are People Too!

Animals, Games, Express your opinions

Tags: Animals, Games, Pets, Off-topic, Life

unchained-aura Public 711 184
Storage Site

Yushika's Storage

Tags: Yushika, Storage, Roleplay, Pets, Stuff

Yushika Public 30 2
Within the Realms

Gothic victorian fantasy roleplay

Tags: Gothic, Victorian, Fantasy, Friends, Roleplay

II silent lucidity II Private 167 51
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