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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Caitlyn and the gang's Library and Random Stuff Caitlyn Hellstorm Private 600 7
➽ I Live to please you

A slave/master roleplay guild.

Tags: Master, Slave, Yaoi/Yuri/Straight, Roleplaying

oOo Tragic Melody OoO Private 12,743 189
Must I wear the leash?

A Master and Pet guild!!!!

Tags: Master, Slave, RolePlay, RPing, Yaoi

iEatedUrStrawberry Public 42,937 526
Herds of Azreth Official

Guild for the B/C Shop Herds of Azreth v2.o

Tags: Herds, Azreth, horse, pets

King Azreth Public 30,802 207
Duality- A New Beginning

Guild for the B/C Shop 'Duality' 2.0

Tags: Duality, wolves, pets, dogs

Wolf Guardian of Light Private 24 4
The Breedables Haven

This is a place for Breedable shops to get together

Dea and #Teddy# Private 8,624 33
Grand Arkives PhiferWolf Private 457 1
Parrot People

A great guild where people whole love their pet birds can talk about their birds, or about what they ate for lunch

Tags: Parrot, Bird, Avian, Parakeet, Animal

Beware Of Artist Public 37 5

For the bored males and females of gais that are looking for masters/slave-pets to role play with!

Tags: Fury, roleplay, master, slave, pets

Sensual Snow Public 2 1
Souls and Chains // A Master/Pet guild

We are bound by our souls, the chains are just for show.

Tags: Master/Pet, Roleplaying, Hetro, Yaoi, Yuri

Ayumu Senpai Private 1 2
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