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~*A Small Slave~*~ A Large Master*~

Choose To Be The Submissive Slave. Or The Abusive Master Or Even Switch The Roles. Fall In Love.Cross The Line Brake The Rules

Tags: Slaves, Masters, Master/Slave, Slave and Master, Master and Slave

Nero-gataki Public 25,925 181
Yolo Swag Perverts

Pervs who love Yolo Swag Muffins

Tags: Yolo, Swag, Muffins, Pervs, Perverts

Gaylord Strudel Public 3 5
☠Forbidden Love❤

Will love beat all odds this time...?

Tags: romance, forbidden, creatures, war/peace, future

Alliecat298 Public 222 16
The Dragon Syndicate Sieu Private 22,038 85
TBGSN Academy

Hi, and I Welcome you to TBGSN Academy. This is a school for the gifted, any kind of species can join.

Phoenix Witch Public 5,047 24
Inuyasha Role Play

Be in a Inuyasha Role Play or make your own!

Tags: Inuyasha, Role Play, Manga, Anime

Angel_Arianas Public 2,431 13
A yuri Rp guild

This is a guild for those that like lesbian or yuri rps.

Tags: Yuri, Roleplay, Fantasy, Slave & Master, Freedom

The First Cursed Public 41 8
Pokémon Elite - Rebirth of the Fallen

Catch and raise your own Pokemon for a chance to take on the Elite Four and eradicate the existence of Team Rocket.

Tags: Pokemon, Elite, Four, Journey, Events

Sen Yoshida Public 5,205 40
The Dragonborns!

We talk all about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!!!

Tags: Gaming, Skyrim, Game Geeks, Skyrim Lovers, Skyrim Feelings

smilecarnival Public 4 1
That One Thing

For everyone and anyone

Tags: Everyone, Free, Cosplay, Friendly, Join

Yuuki Ayato Public 33 12
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