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~*A Small Slave~*~ A Large Master*~

Choose To Be The Submissive Slave. Or The Abusive Master Or Even Switch The Roles. Fall In Love.Cross The Line Brake The Rules

Tags: Slaves, Masters, Master/Slave, Slave and Master, Master and Slave

Nero-gataki Public 25,925 182
The Dragon Syndicate Sieu Private 22,038 85
rosario + vampire Tsukune's fight

it is everyday life for tsukune other then he is a human in a vampire school...

Ichigo_Kurosaki2028 Public 1,710 105
TBGSN Academy

Hi, and I Welcome you to TBGSN Academy. This is a school for the gifted, any kind of species can join.

Phoenix Witch Public 5,047 24
Inuyasha Role Play

Be in a Inuyasha Role Play or make your own!

Tags: Inuyasha, Role Play, Manga, Anime

Angel_Arianas Public 2,431 14
Pokémon Elite - Rebirth of the Fallen

Catch and raise your own Pokemon for a chance to take on the Elite Four and eradicate the existence of Team Rocket.

Tags: Pokemon, Elite, Four, Journey, Events

Sen Yoshida Public 5,205 40
Goji Institute of Magic

Hello, welcome to the Goji Institute of Magic. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce this guild to you. Have fun roleplaying!

Tags: School, Life, Action, Roleplay, Literate

AoeAddict Private 669 66
Yolo Swag Perverts

Pervs who love Yolo Swag Muffins

Tags: Yolo, Swag, Muffins, Pervs, Perverts

Gaylord Strudel Public 3 5
The Dragonborns!

We talk all about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!!!

Tags: Gaming, Skyrim, Game Geeks, Skyrim Lovers, Skyrim Feelings

smilecarnival Public 4 1
☠Forbidden Love❤

Will love beat all odds this time...?

Tags: romance, forbidden, creatures, war/peace, future

Alliecat298 Public 222 16
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