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Ember Academy (Under New Construction)

Looks like a normal gothic academy, but inside lies unburied secrets of the Paranormal...

Tags: Gothic, Academy, Paranormal, Gifted, Vampires, Werewolves, witches

ThyKingZero Public 1,093 3
A Mother's Nature

A place for all mothers, and mommies to be, to get together to socialize and get advice.

Tags: Parenting, Advice, children, motherhood, maternity

LoneLoverLady Public 432 56
NightShroud Academy Home To All Mythical & Human Beings

A Peaceful Academy for Mythical & Human beings but what happen when a villan stronger then the chairman comes to the school?

Tags: -Action-, -Romance-, -Mythical Creature-, -Humans-, -Powers-

Leyla_Blair Public 4,016 24
Okataru Academy

Academy for the Un-Humans

Tags: Academy, Human, Immortal, School, Mortals

Heartless Monochrome Public 496 7
A Twist Of Fandom

A roleplay guild that brings together different fandoms into a small town who's main focus is an orphanage and Boarding school.

Tags: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Merlin, Fandom

temari_twin Public 138 8
The Royal Family: Blanc

The Blanc family are being in the middle of feud between Princess Alice, and Princess Rosemary, for the right to be called Queen.

Tags: Fantasy, Fighting, Love

Trufflezzz Public 159 53
Gaia Online: Find a Family

if you want a gaia online family then join us and find the perfect one for you!

Tags: family, spouse, towns, love, life

randomstranger345 Public 6 10
Camp Broken Blossom-Editing-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tags: Supernatural, Roleplay, Power, Camp, Romance

Alliecat298 Public 10 2
The best guild!

This a guild, where everyone meets new people, and role-plays too! Have fun, and respect each other!

Tags: Anime, Role-play, Having fun, Friendship, Love

Silentium Eques Public 7 5
Lost star

Lost in space, but not forever.

Tags: Space, Management, Realistic, Lunar/Orbital, Action-Based

Leo Di Hans the III Public 12 1
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