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The Role Play


Tags: roleplaying, anime, bleach, naruto, neko

sam-panda32412 Public 199 11
Kung Fu Panda (Under Construction)

Looking for willing Roleplayers with some experience in the field so to speak, but anyone can join up!

Tags: kung fu, panda, roleplay, literate, dreamworks

WhiteWingtip Public 4,343 22
The Dollars.

There are no restrictions or rules. You just have to say that you're a part of the Dollars.

Tags: Durarara!!, Dollars, Ikebukuro, DRRR!!, Anime

Cristenn Public 916 265
Darkside of the Sun Academy

A mysterious school where both humans and other creatures learn....Dare to enroll?

Tags: academy, elves, vampires, fantasy, romance

SleepyTheTired Private 5,102 25

A Sister-Hood in Gaia, Girls only

Tags: girls, cute, pandas, kawaii, sexy

kittybarbie Public 298 151
Music Is My Saviour

Music changes us, one way or another.

Tags: Screamo, Metal, Rock, Music

Grizzly Vodka Private 17 9
Angels Versus Demons

A role-playing guild with both angelic and demonic elements

Tags: role-playing, angels, demons

Allistor Grim Public 122 8
Panda University

The home of pandas. A simple social/roleplay guild dedicated to pandas, anime, and combat.

Tags: Pandas, Anime, Love, Cuteness, Combat

Zodq Public 40 39
Panda Swag Angelic Kombat Public 6 40
Ultimate Panda Lovers Guild

guild for panda lovers

Tags: Ultimate, Panda, Lovers, Guild, Bear

Darlings Demise Public 3 4
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