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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Sacred Sources ~A Pagan Guild~ Jameta Private 22,953 572
The Discordian Society of Gaia

A guild for those In The Know and Of Much Ilk.

Tags: Eris, Discordia, Fnord, Paganism, Humor

Mylian Public 13,267 148
☽☼☾ ~The Peridot Dragon~☽☼☾

{A Spiritual Guild}

Tags: Wicca, Pagan, Magick, Witch, Warlock

Obsidian Deathwish Private 394 9
Multi-faith Religious Discussion

We has learnings! Discuss all religions in a friendly, learning-based setting

Tags: religion, faith, paganism, christianity, worship

Sanguina Cruenta Public 2,987 47
Sanctuary of the Strange

Home for the strange. No matter what walk of life you live, you will be welcome here.

Tags: LGBT, Spirituality, advice, pagan

Xenith Magnus Public 378 9
Shadows Rising (The Guild of Darkhunters) Monako SM Private 16,287 14
Land of the Midsummer Nights Moon

A Haven for the Creatures of Gaia

Tags: Vampire, Otherkin, Werewolves, Coven, Clan

Wolf_Queen_01 Private 25 5
The Freesia Covenant

a guild for wicca and the branches of wicca,pagan ect

Tags: wicca, coven, pagan, witch, clan

lBriseisl Public 256 16
~*Under the moon light*~

Meet Greet Roleplay rituals and roleplay the witch's life.

Tags: Wicca, magic, roleplay, religion

Demonic-skakashi Public 6 1
The Ghetto Wiccans

Just my friend and I attempting to practice the Craft in...creative ways.

Tags: Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, Ritual

Sierra1763 Public 1 2
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