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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
C.O.S. Cup O' Soup; A RolePlay Guild ~Closed but accepting~

Roleplays. All of them. Like a cup of soup. Or an energy saving light bulb.

Tags: Roleplaying, Roleplay, Slave and Master, Vampire, Romance

Hiro the gothic kitty Public 8,666 155
OtherKin United Ty Ty Private 4,236 151
The Temple of the Ages: In pursuit of Paranormal Knowledge

A guild for the trading of knowledge on all things supernatural and paranormal

Tags: Paranormal, Psionics, Wicca, Magick, Therian

Niccolo Salomanos Private 5,152 22
United Therian Alliance

A guild for therians to hang out and discuss therianthropy.

Tags: Therianthropy, Otherkin, Spirituality, Therian, Werekin

Fumeiyo-chan Norzaar Private 2,327 42
Fair Fanged by_the_tail Public 100 9
LapFox Fans United

A small, friendly guild where everyone is treated equally!

Tags: VulpVibe, Furs, Role Play, LapFox, Furry

CB7Driver Public 9 3
Transcendental Unity

Real Vampiric, Wiccan, Pagan, Otherkin and Energy Manipulation community.

Tags: Vampire, Wiccan, Pagan, Otherkin, Donor

DespondantDream Private 313 22
Energy Work and Creation

This is not an RP guild, if you are here just to RP, please don't ruin the guild for others.

Tags: Magic, Energy, Magick, Otherkin

Avinious Public 10 4

Spiritualists only.......no religion allowed

Tags: Pagans of all types, Satanists, Psychics, Vampires,Otherkin,Therians,and Psions, Wiccans

Dark_DemonReka Public 3 6
RP and stuff

i just dont care anymore

Tags: memes, Role Playing, otherkin, furries, neopets

megtaco13 Public 12 1
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