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Pocket Otaku is a private, literate guild based off all aspects of anime.

Streakeh Pants Private 799 12
Senshi Dreams: Otaku Senshi Guild

A Guild for people crazy about Sailor Moon an Otaku Senshi.

Tags: Sailor Moon, Otaku Senshi, Artwork, Starseed, Moon Kingdom

anime_girl10 Public 38 4
Gaian Otaku Association

This is a place for Gaians to come and play, or perhaps have contests! We even let you talk about anime, music, games, RP, an everythin else

Tags: Role Play, Anime, Contests, Games, Random

Kitty_Angel17 Public 112 24
::The Otaku Society::

A haven for otakus where you can chat and Rp about anything.

Tags: otaku, society, bleach, death note, naruto

TheseElegantCrimes Public 720 16

Hey welcome to are guild Lightning Wings! Hope you looking forward to join!

Tags: Friendship, Weirdness/Randomness, Anime lovers/Otakus, Fun times, Discussion

Nicole_The_Savior Private 542 11
Colorful Otaku's

Colorful, Bright, and Charming We are the Colorful Otaku's

Tags: Charming, Colorful, Bright, Otaku, Awesome

Daft Jazz Public 19 14
Alcedonia League

A pokemon league, with a twist.

Tags: Pokemon, Intercity, Battle, League, Nintendo

slaughtergut Public 97 14
Double Trouble Otaku

Cosplay Group and RPG Hangout

Tags: Anime, Cosplay, Drawing, Games, Chatting

Soul_Kaylis Public 16 4
Mahou City~A Magical Girl and Boy RP ((Open/Accepting))

A magical girl/boy RP in the vein of Sailor Moon or Shugo Chara or any other majokko show~

Tags: Magical Girl, Japan, Anime, Cute, Action

Starchan13 Public 55 5
Anyway You Anime

An all anime RP guild open to any anime fans!

Tags: anime, manga, role playing

Kai Korimizu Public 1 2
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