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Otaku's Castle

Where we don't know the meaning of "reality"

Tags: random, awesome, roleplay, xemry, anime

XemryXIII Public 203 33
Otaku Land

Join if you are a Bro. And if you like anime/manga/anime style games, join us, and ill add any theme as well.

Tags: dragon ball z, pokemon, pewdiepie, megaman, d gray man

lucariofan888 Public 359 37
☒ The Otaku Society ☑ (Open/Accepting)

A semi-lit to lit guild involving typical, almost cliched, situations of school bullying, broken family life and indifferent school staff.

Tags: Otaku, Humor, School, Real Life, Romance

Suki_Guardian_of_Death Private 592 12
The Kawaii Guild Kana Kisu Private 18,636 1,344
TakoFusaeKo Tindre Private 1,677 14

Read Homepage. Please & Thank you.

Tags: Discussions, Cosplay, Anime, Sewing, roleplay

CellarDoll Public 52 14
Darker Than Black:Contractors for Hire

from Darker Than Black I bring you the contractors for hire guild

Tags: darker than black, cosplay, roleplay, anime, otaku

Crimson Snow Abyss Public 105 24
Otaku Mode

Everything and anything that has to do with Japanese Culture and more is right here at your fingertips!

Tags: Everything, Arts, zOMG, Chat, Anime

Pure Vibrance Public 1,082 71
Gaia's Anime Guild

A place for all anime and manga fanatics alike. ♥

Tags: anime, manga, cosplay, otaku, geek

Raemz Public 84 12
Cyber Play Masters

a world of gaming fans and anime lovers

Tags: .hack//, pokemon, Tales Series, anime, games

Tsukuyomi no Aoshi Public 4 6
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