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Read Homepage. Please & Thank you.

Tags: Discussions, Cosplay, Anime, Sewing, roleplay

CellarDoll Public 52 14
1000% OTAKU

Tags: Manga, Anime, Manhwa, Manhua, Love

Kashikoi Kusabana Public 51 5
The Dollars.

There are no restrictions or rules. You just have to say that you're a part of the Dollars.

Tags: Durarara!!, Dollars, Ikebukuro, DRRR!!, Anime

Cristenn Public 917 264
TakoFusaeKo Tindre Private 1,677 14
Otaku's Castle

Where we don't know the meaning of "reality"

Tags: random, awesome, roleplay, xemry, anime

XemryXIII Public 203 33
Darker Than Black:Contractors for Hire

from Darker Than Black I bring you the contractors for hire guild

Tags: darker than black, cosplay, roleplay, anime, otaku

Crimson Snow Abyss Public 105 24
Otaku Land

Join if you are a Bro. And if you like anime/manga/anime style games, join us, and ill add any theme as well.

Tags: dragon ball z, pokemon, pewdiepie, megaman, d gray man

lucariofan888 Public 359 37
Manga-Ka of Gaiaonline

Many manga, doujinshi, MAD, and more projects to work together on!

Tags: Doujinshi, Manga, Anime, Project, Artist

XxBlakRoze5153xX Public 74 66
Gaia's Anime Guild

A place for all anime and manga fanatics alike. ♥

Tags: anime, manga, cosplay, otaku, geek

Raemz Public 84 12
Cyber Play Masters

a world of gaming fans and anime lovers

Tags: .hack//, pokemon, Tales Series, anime, games

Tsukuyomi no Aoshi Public 4 6
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