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Miasu Academy

otaku and friends guild.

Ryukin Tai Public 180 7
~*The Surreal Sanctuary*~

This guild is a safe haven for the literate of Gaia. It is a hang-out where otakus, writers, readers, artists, and musicians can have fun.

Tags: anime, roleplay, writer, books, gold

Otulissa Public 13,967 563
Otaku Cake Shoppe

Otaku hangout

Tags: Otaku, Cake, Otakuness, Anime, Manga

LunaticTokyoMoth Public 668 54
Anime Palace

This guild is used to have fun with others who love anime.

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Manga, Awesomeness, Epic

Keiichi Miyazaki Private 1,653 3
Constellation Senshi

This Guild is for Otaku Senshi that are from a Constellation

Tags: Sailor Moon, Zodiac, Senshi, Otaku, Constellation

l Sailor Cancer l Public 1,335 31

A guild for Sailor Moon fans that have experienced all of the mega-series!

Tags: Sailor Moon, Bishoujo Senshi, Sera Myu, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi

Kawaisa Sailor Moon Private 2,927 57
World of Anime Guild

A Guild Based on Every Anime & Manga

Tags: Anime, Manga, RPing, Contests, Otaku

XChibi Neko AngelX Public 2,043 61
Paint It Rainbow~! A Hetalia Guild

A Hetalia Roleplay, and Discussion Guild. ((U/C))

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, Discussion, Humor, Yaoi

LoversOfLovers2 Public 828 32
otaku inc

A guild for proud otaku who want to be awesome with others

Tags: otaku, friendly, mature, fanbased, videogames

slipknot4740 Public 102 14
Anime Roleplay and Cosplay

All anime, all the time. Roleplay, Cosplay, and just chat about your favorite anime

Tags: anime, roleplay, cosplay, japan, otaku

Otaku Hetalian Public 35 26
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