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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Idiot's Guide to Winning the Internet Denko Private 38,271 98
"Tales of..." Series Guild

A guild dedicated to Namco's premiere RPG series.

Tags: Tales, Series, Fujishima, Namco, Tales of

Exsel Public 27,425 464

A place where people can talk freely about anime/manga/cartoon/comics, sports, music, video games, TV shows, and movies.

Tags: anime, manga, sports, music, movies

sidplusnancy Public 8,522 124
The United Pikmin Guild of Gaia

A place for all those whom love pikmin and are willing to unite to spread its awesomeness

Tags: pikmin, nintendo, role play, gaming, olimar

Firin Eithenst Public 780 142
Pokemon Rocks (name will be changed)

Need any help with Pokemon games? Looking for some competition? Join and enjoy the full experience of Pokemon!

Tags: pokemon, pokeball, battle, pokedex, nintendo

xXRyuu MeijinXx Public 8 2
Gamer's Guild

Covers every gen. Covers every Genre.

Tags: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Computer

BRAZEKOOL Private 98 23

anyone who loves justin bieber

Tags: Justin bieber, music, Bieber, Justin

purple puddin Public 496 392
The Legend Of Zelda Series

A guild for any who wish to Role Play, Talk, and make Fan Art for this amazing series.

Tags: Zelda, Nintendo, Games, Twilight Princess, Link

Jonni_Cress Public 752 23
Pokemon: Rakuren Region

A new reigion filled with new adventures and powerful trainers. Etch your name on history and make your mark on this world.

Tags: Pokemon, Action, Romance, Pikachu, Poleplaying

Lucia Chronos Public 131 15

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Role-Play

Tags: Super, Smash, Bros., Brawl, Role-Play

General Keith Public 9 10
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