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~Azure Sky~

Zero's Friendly Guild where you can chat, Roleplay, meet up, Booty grab, and so much else!

Tags: Village, ~Azure Sky~, Tetsugen, TemperatureZero, Sweet Koakuma

Mxtty v4 Public 879 40
Ouran High School Host Club Rp Guild

The Guild Is Dedicated To Those Who Love The Ouran High School Host Club Mange, Anime && Anything Associated To Them

Tags: Ouran, Romance, Cake, Strawberries, Hosts

Fictionkin Public 3,293 167
Rainbow Madness xD

Friends, lovers, sexualities, interesting people to give n get support, chill, talk, roleplay, flirt, giveaways, anime, music, & tonz more!

Tags: Love, Roleplay, Anime, Sexy, Random

Mieukuu Private 462 26
Pokemon: Gaia

Are you prepared to face the ultimate test?

Tags: Pokemon, Gaia

Guardian Phoebe Public 265 42
Shonen JUMP Chronicles

A Roleplaying Guild where all Shonen JUMP world are combined.

Tags: Shounen Jump, Roleplaying, Bleach, Kuroko no Basuke, Prince of tennis

-M I N Z Y - A I R A Y- Private 115 17
The Idiot's Guide to Winning the Internet Denko Private 38,271 98
Nintendo Cult for GIRLS ONLii

you can only join if you have a vagina

Tags: Video games, gurls, vaginas, nintendo

16-bit Jazzy Public 108 12
Hylians Unite! (Under Construction)

All things related to the Legend of Zelda including chatrooms, Fan-Fiction writings, and maybe even some roleplays.

Tags: Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, Hyrule, Link, Gaming

kandybaby45 Public 940 26
Pokemon: Rakuren Region

A new reigion filled with new adventures and powerful trainers. Etch your name on history and make your mark on this world.

Tags: Pokemon, Action, Romance, Pikachu, Poleplaying

Lucia Chronos Public 131 15
The Just Another Animal Crossing Guild

A guild made in honor of the "Animal Crossing" Series.

Tags: Nintendo, Animal Crossing, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Gamecube

Santakiin Public 20 8
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