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Pokémon: In With The Old [All Regions]

A Guild centered around all the Pokemon Nintendo can offer. Mainly an RP Guild, but there are OOC threads if that tickles your fancy.

Tags: Nintendo, Pokemon, Pikachu, Charizard, Kanto/Johto

Dr Henry McCoy Public 16,851 21
Nintendo Nights [O/A]

A semi-lit roleplay guild for any who want to roleplay in ANY game that's been on a Nintendo platform.

Tags: Nintendo, Pokemon, Sonic, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy

Chaos Harbinger Kilik Private 827 12
Gaian Xbox Live Guild

A guild for all gaians, who have xbox live, to meet.

Tags: xbox 360, playstation 3, live, games, nintendo

L wants a cookie Private 2,038 118
The Nintendo Academy

A guild dedicated to Nintendo game systems and Wi-fi social gaming.

Tags: Pokemon, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo Wii, Monster Hunter Tri

Luther Olathes Public 3,694 189
Legend of Zelda: Crimson Storm

A new chapter revealing the dark past of Hyrule.

Tags: Zelda, Crimson Storm, Nintendo, Action, Romance

astrenose Public 49 4
Harvest Moon - Flower Bud Village

This is a guild for discussion by veterans and new players of Harvest Moon.

Tags: Harvest Moon, Farming Sim, Nintendo, Natsume, Cows

Lucienia Public 16 6
The Ultimate Gaming Guild

A guild where you can all games and systems are welcomed.

Tags: Gaming, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Pwnd

x-D o o m K i t t a y-x Public 184 15
We Are Gamer's

A guild where all the gamer's can come hang and learn about new releases and talk about games they have played

Tags: games, xbox, playstation, computer, nintendo

-The Monster it Cometh- Public 3 4
Alcedonia League

A pokemon league, with a twist.

Tags: Pokemon, Intercity, Battle, League, Nintendo

slaughtergut Public 97 14
~Great Pokemon Alliance~

Trade, Battle, and chat with new found comrades

Tags: Pokemon, Nintendo, Gaming, Chatting, Wifi

Dangerous Macadamia Public 3 4
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