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The United Pikmin Guild of Gaia

A place for all those whom love pikmin and are willing to unite to spread its awesomeness

Tags: pikmin, nintendo, role play, gaming, olimar

Firin Eithenst Public 780 142
Master's of Sinnoh

A place where Pokemon fans can talk about strategy, cheats, tips, and tricks.

Tags: Pokemon, Gaming, Seeking new members, Flygon, Pokemon Trading-Cards

Tara Batsel Private 348 81
Templar Corps

Guild for hardcore gamers.

Tags: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

Musical Anarchy Public 48 8
Animal Crossing: Maple City

For the b/c shop

Tags: animal, crossing, breedables, changeable, pets

Zenda of Maple City Private 511 16
Aw Heck, it's a Pokemon!

A friendly easy-going pokemon guild, with news, strategies, and more!

Tags: Pokemon, Nintendo DS, Nintendo, Heart Gold, Soul Silver

dklepto Private 2,546 135
"Tales of..." Series Guild

A guild dedicated to Namco's premiere RPG series.

Tags: Tales, Series, Fujishima, Namco, Tales of

Exsel Public 27,425 465

anyone who loves justin bieber

Tags: Justin bieber, music, Bieber, Justin

purple puddin Public 496 395
Gamers Inc.

Gaming Guild to help others learn, show their knowledge, and just have fun talking to others.

Tags: Gaming, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Conversation

A TOXIC JUJUBE Public 125 26
tales of symphonia Dawn Of New World

A fun TOS rp where u can have fun

Tags: symphonia, roleplay

Uke Mina-Chan Public 258 15

A guild for Pokemon lover and players.

Tags: Pokemon, Roleplay, Contests, Nintendo, Discussion

BakChod Public 3 2
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