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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The RolePlayer's Guild Phaeton Private 13,639 92
Shinobi Strike : A Naruto RP (Closed for Reconstruction)

Home of the Ninja reformation.

Tags: Shinobi, Ninja, Naruto, Anime, Manga

Lanfaer Private 18,253 9
Tasogare Rise

A Naruto role-playing guild! Do your best to survive and rise to the top!

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Akatsuki, Shinobi, Ninja

Mogaar Private 3,519 43

Tags: naruto, roleplaying, sasuke, hidden leaf, ninja

Norainu Zaiten Private 66,282 36
Dah Bee Doo Dah Bee Dahhhh

A roleplaying forum for the weirdies in the world :3

Tags: Role playing, naruto, original character, anime

Motaki-chan Private 432 11
Ninja of Kohona Gakure Next Generation (under construction)

naruto roleplay guild

Tags: ninja, role play, role playing, naruto, anime

Pickachu girl Public 65 8
ARRG! Anime, Roleplaying, and Randomness

Anime discussions, randomness of all sors, and of course Roleplaying! The G was to make me sound piratey. ^^

Tags: RolePlaying, ARRG!, Random, Anime, Awsome

HelicaI Public 2,990 18
Naruto Sengoku Era ( open Accepting )

A new era Samurai ninja Collide

Tags: Naruto, ninja, Samurai, War game, steampunk

Overlord Diaus Public 156 4
Naruto: Tamashii no Tou [Tower of Souls]

A place to RP set in the world of Naruto.

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Village, Chakra, Shinobi

DemonicShadowWolf Public 18 2
Naruto: Shinobi Alliance

The events after Madara and the ten tails

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Shippuuden

Turk5679 Public 208 17
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