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Warriors of the Wasteland

Victory is not determined by those who have fallen in battle, Victory is determined by those who can live on.

Tags: Roleplaying, Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Recruiting

Michael Heartstream Private 123 4
We be of Fantasy, of Mysteries and Power.Tis our life

Roleplay,life,fun,being who you really are!

Tags: Mystical, Powerful, Fantasy, Life

Mystic Moon Ampris Public 3,876 39

Griffin B/C Guild

Tags: Griffin, Talon, Legend, Role play

Skybound Griffin Public 2,017 78
FinalForce Academy

RolePlaying Academy For Any Species

Tags: Romance, Fighting, Magic, Experience, Social Class

DeadRebe1 Public 4,387 23
Dragonball: Ground Zero

The time period after DBGT and DBZ with new and old characters [Closed RP & Always Accepting]

Tags: Dragonball Z, Roleplay, Adventure, Dragonball GT, Dragonball

Vixen Blixen Public 2,284 12
Shaman King: Genesis

A New Generation of shame have rose up and joined together to face off the forces of evil. However that evil might be some of their own kind

Tags: Shaman King, RolePlay, Anime, Heroes, Villains

Eighth Diviner Public 1,229 10
Naruto: Ultimate Shinobi

A Naruto guild that invites all comers to enjoy the life of a Shinobi and to have fun in the Naruto World

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Role Play, Ultimate, Shinobi

Satanic Revontheus Private 170 21
Feudal Era {GRAND OPENING}[Active 2013 RP]

This guild is about times in the Feudal Era where one can be thier own and create thier own adventures around the guild plot

Tags: Anime, Active, Inuyasha, Literate, Role Play

Kyousuke Riluka Public 102 12
Mystic Magic ~ A School RP Guild

An RP guild filled with magic!

Tags: mystic, magic, kingdom, school, roleplay

Alunary Public 528 25
Mystic nightfall Role playing Academy

Training Roleplaying

Tags: Horror, Romance, Fantasy, School, Cosplay

Lady_earth_and_moon Public 7 5
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