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Nanashi, a City of the Ugly, Beautiful, and Black-Hearted

Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone was ugly? If violence was erased from our minds, or became all we could think about?

Tags: Uglies Series, Romance, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi

Lady Shimizu Public 966 10
The Emental family

elemental family

Ahtahkakoop Public 2 3
The Lazy Hippie Movement primaI Public 11,617 177
Zombie Survival Stories

We're one of the top Zombie RP guilds. We are currently ACTIVE! If you love Zombie RPs, books, movies, etc. Then this is the guild for you!

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Undead, Role Play, Survival

7Viko Public 5,472 242
SMACK! [A Gaia Rave Family]

A place for Ravers & Kandi Kids

Tags: Glowsticks, Rave, Family, Kandi, Smack

radical-edwerd Public 3,965 214
We Love To Move!

This guild is for the active! Exercise, Activities, MOVEMENT.

Tags: Sports, Active, Movement, We Love To Move, Exercise

Blackbelt_inTKD Public 6 11
~*To Be Decided*~ Fairy Tail RPG

Primarily RP with a dash of System and Mod Discretion.

Tags: Fairy, Tail, Role, Playing, Magic

Chaoscarrier Private 55 4
Reject Me No More

A Slave and Master RP A School RP

Tags: Pet/Slave, Master/Mistress, School, Role Play, Fiction

sexykettin Public 857 54
The Twin Keys

War plagues the land. Races going against races with little hope for the future. The key to survival lies within the legend of the Twin Keys

Tags: Role playing, Angels, Ghosts, Vampires, Demons

DemonLordAthea Public 5,180 29
Deus Ex: Triad Consortium ~ W.I.P

An alternative setting based after the events of Human Revolution and before Deus Ex.

Tags: Deus Ex, Adam Jensen, Aug's, Purist, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Demon Dreamer Public 40 5
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