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The Daffodil Movement

Guild for the Daffodil Movement, a cancer awareness movement here on Gaia.

Tags: cancer, awareness, daffodils, daffodil, movement

Blaizekit Public 16,621 1,531
RAWR: Revolutionary Animals With Rabies

We Bother People

Tags: RAWR, Animal, Noob, Attack, Grunny

raisedpassion Public 14,610 1,130
Sacred Elements R.P

R.P for those who love fantasy, action, and more

Tags: Bleach/SoulEater, Roleplay, Romance/Action, Anime/Manga, Art/Drawing

Cosplay_Sweetie Private 239 16
The Wyvern's Court

A guild based around the book Wolfcry.

Tags: shifters, warriors, highschool, wolf, romance

Faola Nightcore Public 82 3
..::(¯`·.¸¸.· Imperial Dynasty ·.¸¸.·´¯) ::..

Tags: Dynasty, Toriko, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Literate

Enkou Jihn Public 1,135 122
Naruto: Blood Ties

Naruto related UA

Tags: Naruto, Blood, Ninja, Battle, Wars

Tigerx81 Private 868 8
The White Knights for Gaians

One step closer to the end of cyber bullies

Accalia Darkstorm Public 2,281 29
Yin-Yang Budagirii

Close Combat Rp

Tags: Close, Combat

the xavior Public 1 4
Around the World

This guild is about the many caravans that explore the world with new clanmates; make new friends, and have some fun!

Tags: Around the World, Roleplay Guild

Desperate4Friends Public 201 6
East Side Gunnaz Rebirth (ESG)

The Return Of ESG

Been TriIl Private 4 13
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