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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Gaian Misfits Link3895 Public 600 18
Black Moon school for misfits

It's a school for misfits

Tags: Friends, school, angels, misfits, Black Moon

biohazard_wolf8080 Public 6,969 32
Pokemon: The PokeHuman Sagas!!!

If you want the be the very best...Fight for it!!

Tags: Pokemon, PokeHumans, Master&Slave, Fighting/Battle, Uke/Seme

Masochistic Purity Public 10 1
Fiend Club

All things that go hand-in-hand with punk. Not just The Misfits!

Tags: punk, rock, music, misfits, fiend

twistofcaine Public 37 23
the Guild of Misfit Gaians

Welcome to the Guild of Misfit Gaians! A place where you can let your creativity shine and just be you.

Tags: writing, fashion, role play, reading, music

WanderingThroughLife Public 5,812 113
Cirque du Freak role play

A guild for all Darren Shan fans.

Tags: role playing, Cirque du Freak, Darren Shan, supernatural, vampires

boku13 Public 704 5
~Misfits~ A Guild for Misfits fans 18 or older

A place for fans of the british show Misfits can hang out.

Tags: roleplay, misfits, discussion, news

Willow_Scarlett Private 79 4
Rag Tag Band of Misfit Heros

Private RP guild

BlueAndSilverSkye Private 138 10
Misfortunate Misfits

No we are not the most fortunate gaians in this world, But we still matter as we become the great Misfortunate Misfits.

Tags: misfits

AkariiX Public 2 3
The Epic Band of Misfits

The epic weirdos who hang around your house late at night.

Tags: Epic, Misfits, weirdos

Dawn of the Wolf Private 11 7
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