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Results for "misfits"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Wizards of Wrenlleuad Roleplaying Guild SorrowDragon Public 2,430 27
closed 2

Tags: Fiction, Zombie, Apocalypse, Steampunk, Survival

Mulefoot Public 630 91
Role Playing School of Trust

A school for all gaians, love, social, and much more goes into this school.

Tags: Roleplaying, Anime, School, Romance, Socialality

RoseMiles Public 1,305 21
The Misfit Role Players

Tags: semi-literate, literate, illiterate, roleplay, anything

Piovra Public 2,285 26
Cirque du Freak role play

A guild for all Darren Shan fans.

Tags: role playing, Cirque du Freak, Darren Shan, supernatural, vampires

boku13 Public 704 5
~Misfits~ A Guild for Misfits fans 18 or older

A place for fans of the british show Misfits can hang out.

Tags: roleplay, misfits, discussion, news

Willow_Scarlett Private 79 4
Rag Tag Band of Misfit Heros

Private RP guild

BlueAndSilverScye Private 138 10
The Band of Misfits.

For misfits, emos, goths, and scenes to come together and be themselves.

Tags: Emos, Goth, Misfits, Scene

sexy emo angel 15 Public 3 5
Pokemon: The PokeHuman Sagas!!!

If you want the be the very best...Fight for it!!

Tags: Pokemon, PokeHumans, Master&Slave, Fighting/Battle, Uke/Seme

1OOin Public 10 1
Misfortunate Misfits

No we are not the most fortunate gaians in this world, But we still matter as we become the great Misfortunate Misfits.

Tags: misfits

AkariiX Public 2 3
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