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the Guild of Misfit Gaians

Welcome to the Guild of Misfit Gaians! A place where you can let your creativity shine and just be you.

Tags: writing, fashion, role play, reading, music

WanderingThroughLife Public 5,812 113
The Gaian Misfits Link3895 Public 600 17
Fantasy RP

A Forest-Magic-Based Guild Where Family Means About As Little As Reality.

Tags: Fantasy, Reality, Magic, Demons, Angels

Angulogirl Public 17,240 32
~Misfits~ A Guild for Misfits fans 18 or older

A place for fans of the british show Misfits can hang out.

Tags: roleplay, misfits, discussion, news

Willow_Scarlett Private 79 4
Black Moon school for misfits

It's a school for misfits

Tags: Friends, school, angels, misfits, Black Moon

biohazard_wolf8080 Public 6,969 32
Fiend Club

All things that go hand-in-hand with punk. Not just The Misfits!

Tags: punk, rock, music, misfits, fiend

twistofcaine Public 37 23
Phantom Academy ~ School for Misfits ((O//A))

Phantom Academy is a place where people of all species can come together. But, watch out for the darkness that lurks in the building.

Tags: Phantom, Misfits, Academy, Magic, Creatures

My-Demonic-Daydreams Public 1,113 21
Misfortunate Misfits

No we are not the most fortunate gaians in this world, But we still matter as we become the great Misfortunate Misfits.

Tags: misfits

AkariiX Public 2 3
The Epic Band of Misfits

The epic weirdos who hang around your house late at night.

Tags: Epic, Misfits, weirdos

Dawn of the Wolf Private 11 7
Always By Your Side (CLOSED)

Runaway rp

Tags: Runaways, Friendship, Romance, Roleplay, Criminals

Shinobi_Master89 Private 260 5
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