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Sword and Spear [Now Open! 6/6/10]

Homer's Iliad is the epic account of the events of the Trojan war. This is a Mecha/futuristic retelling of that Epic.

Tags: Gundam, Mech, Space, Achilles, Troy

Jett Stryker Public 2,250 11
Mech Flight Academy

Be apart of our fantasy

Tags: roleplay, flying, fantasy, school, mecha

iRicochet Private 533 12
The Front of Armament

Semi-Lit to Lit rp for those who enjoy mecha combat.

Tags: Mobile Suit, Mech, Robot, Combat, Pilot

Vicious Espionage Private 346 14
A.R.M.S of the Titan (Original Mech RP guild)

A rolplaying guild about a future earth, and power mechanical suits.

Tags: Role play, Mech, Gundam, Original, Anime

spartan_073 Private 29 7
Mech Override (slave guild) [Recruiting]

For battling, Drinking, Slaves, And having fun

Tags: Role Play, RP, Gundam, War, Slave, School, Romance

ll Razorblade Romance II Public 198 22
Galactic Machine War

A literate roleplaying Science Fiction/Space Opera guild.

Tags: Galactic, Machine, Military, Sci-Fi, Mech

Yan Stormhausen Private 3 2
The war for Arlamos

love mcehs come here almost no restraints when it comes to rping

Tags: mecha, role playing, fantasy

Demon God of Water Public 160 13
Project Prophet: War of the Enders

The Earth is now a battleground..... which side will you choose?

Tags: Mech, Robots, Gundam, Future, role play

Matsuo The Death Dealer Public 55 9
Zoids Brink

A Zoids RP and Battle center

Tags: Zoids, battle, Role play, turn based, mech

SoldierBoy306 Public 44 5
Fenwick's Home for Misfits

A RP Guild for those who don't quite fit anywhere else.

Tags: Sanctuary, Misfits, Home, Haven

Raven L Savage Public 8 1
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