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Sword and Spear [Now Open! 6/6/10]

Homer's Iliad is the epic account of the events of the Trojan war. This is a Mecha/futuristic retelling of that Epic.

Tags: Gundam, Mech, Space, Achilles, Troy

Jett Stryker Public 2,250 11
Mech Flight Academy

Be apart of our fantasy

Tags: roleplay, flying, fantasy, school, mecha

iRicochet Private 533 12
The Berserker Initiative

In a not too distant future where corporations battle for dominance over the intergalactic government, a mech war breaks out.

Tags: mecha, sci-fi, robots, battle, galactic war

Viktor Laurel Public 130 9
The Front of Armament

Semi-Lit to Lit rp for those who enjoy mecha combat.

Tags: Mobile Suit, Mech, Robot, Combat, Pilot

Vicious Espionage Private 346 14
Mech Override (slave guild) [Recruiting]

For battling, Drinking, Slaves, And having fun

Tags: Role Play, RP, Gundam, War, Slave, School, Romance

ll Razorblade Romance II Public 198 22
The war for Arlamos

love mcehs come here almost no restraints when it comes to rping

Tags: mecha, role playing, fantasy

Demon God of Water Public 160 13
Project Prophet: War of the Enders

The Earth is now a battleground..... which side will you choose?

Tags: Mech, Robots, Gundam, Future, role play

Matsuo The Death Dealer Public 55 9
Zoids Brink

A Zoids RP and Battle center

Tags: Zoids, battle, Role play, turn based, mech

SoldierBoy306 Public 44 5
Mech Daemons --Getting There--

War lasts a lifetime...death makes that lifetime shorter.

Tags: warfare, fantasy, roleplay, mech, active

pockycass Public 39 7
Fenwick's Home for Misfits

A RP Guild for those who don't quite fit anywhere else.

Tags: Sanctuary, Misfits, Home, Haven

Raven L Savage Public 8 1
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