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Warrior worth a Thousand (Of Mille Proeliator)

A guild with in depth roleplay's that allow you to be whatever you wish. Join and let the journey begin.

Tags: medieval, samurai, Mech, hentai, roleplay

MetaXi Private 2,707 21
Tears of War (( Temp closed until further notice ))

Mecha Planet Battle.

Tags: rping, fighting, planet battles, Mecha

Oryo Prime Public 6,403 32
.:Peanut Butter Mech & Tha Herban Lyf Project:.

The Music and Art .:Downloads Available:.

Tags: Cel-Man Iller, Little Boy Satan, VanaQulor, Summa Jones, Company Hen

Mitsurugi Kazumaru-sama Public 11 1
Eternal Wars: The Final Conflict

Sci-Fi Future War with a hint of magic.

Tags: Future, Wars, Mechs, Sci-Fi, Gundam

Malfrost Public 660 28
Super Robot Wars G

Anyone who can understand the finer points of RP and has played any SRW games.

Tags: Super Robot Wars, Mechs, Robots, Role Playing, Gundam

Alexander Altair Private 5,302 5
Gundam A New Rise

On the brink of destruction Resion fights to survive, while opposed by Sinshion the winning team. Fight for a new rise.

Tags: Gundam, Roleplaying, Strategy, Good and Evil, Tactics

xXRedemption_VengeanceXx Private 734 11
The Mechanized Army of Destroyers!

M.A.D. A military roleplay guild!

Tags: Mechanized, Army, Destroyers, Roleplay, Military

Stray Cougar Private 17 1

Save the world and have fun while doing it.

Tags: Mecha, Mech, Role Play

Kazoogame Public 15 6
The ARK Angels - Database

Database GGN for The ARK Angels, a roleplay in the Series/Misc Forum

Tags: ARK Angels, Sentinel, Angel, Mech

Ktanno Private 19 2
Chromehouds: Neroimus in Flames

Join one of the four factions or go rogue.

Tags: mecha, chromehounds, factions

Terav Yanagi Public 3 1
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