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Warrior worth a Thousand (Of Mille Proeliator)

A guild with in depth roleplay's that allow you to be whatever you wish. Join and let the journey begin.

Tags: medieval, samurai, Mech, hentai, roleplay

MetaXi Private 2,707 21
Hidden Parts an Armored Core Guild

Intended to become the Ultimate AC Guild

Tags: Armored Core, Robots, Mechs, blow up teh stuff!

Naher Private 109 18
M.S.C. Academy

Join and fight for you country!!!

Tags: Mech, Military, Academy

HueyfortheLost Public 348 11
Clashing Stars, Emisaray of Steel

Mechs, Gundams, Mobile Suits, unite to restore peace to the Worlds.

Tags: Gundam, Mech Suite, Mobile Suite, Emisary, Steel,nightmares

Portable Swag Public 2,321 34
Eternal Wars: The Final Conflict

Sci-Fi Future War with a hint of magic.

Tags: Future, Wars, Mechs, Sci-Fi, Gundam

Malfrost Public 660 28
Super Robot Wars G

Anyone who can understand the finer points of RP and has played any SRW games.

Tags: Super Robot Wars, Mechs, Robots, Role Playing, Gundam

Alexander Altair Private 5,302 5
Gundam New Generation U/C

Join the battle for Earth, Will you resist the current powers mabey be the current power or will you take choice c... Stop fights with force

Tags: Gundam, Conflict, Earth, Mech, Fighting

Lazy_Kaze_77 Public 453 1
The Crimson Wars

The crimson war has started, which side will you choose? The men's or the women's?

Tags: crimson, mechs, action, gender

demonic fyre Public 53 9
Chromehouds: Neroimus in Flames

Join one of the four factions or go rogue.

Tags: mecha, chromehounds, factions

Terav Yanagi Public 3 1
Z.O.E: Galaxy at War (Z.O.E:GaW)


Tags: Zone of the Enders, Warfare, Mech, Game, Fantasy

CielDeviluke Public 2 2
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