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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Tears of War (( Temp closed until further notice ))

Mecha Planet Battle.

Tags: rping, fighting, planet battles, Mecha

Oryo Prime Public 6,404 32
The Official Eureka seveN Guild

Gaia's official guild for the anime series Eureka seveN!

Tags: eurekaseven, eureka7, eureka, anemone, anime

rekkaryuu Private 28,589 1,065
Guilty Revelations

You have proved yourself worthy, but are you still ready?

Tags: sci-fi, military, mech, fantasy, space

Shockingcat Private 760 10
Mechwarrior And More!!!CLOSED!!!

This guild is non-salvagable. We all moved to Mechwarrior Online

Tags: Mechwarrior, Mech assualt, Mech, RolePlay, battletech

Novuus Darkblade Public 688 19
Zoids Official Battle Commission (Accepting)

A Team Roleplaying Experience Involving Tactics, Creativity, And Competition.

Tags: Zoids, Mech, Role Play, Anime, Machine

Cappey-San Public 831 31
Broken Thrones

Join the battle for the salvation of the world!

Tags: Fantasy, Knights, Gods, Mech, Steampunk

0-Ravens_Remorse-0 Private 66 6
Schism: Metal and Magic

A Rp guild with interesting charecters and stories

Tags: magic, battle, metal, mech, swords

deity of crystals Private 711 14
Gundam: Cero U/C

A Gundam rp set in an alternate universe. Suits from many seasons and games exist, as well as new suits and an energy source named Cero.

Tags: Gundam, Mech

Illusion158 Public 190 2
Nerves Concord

To Enable A Brighter Future...

Boltohn Public 13 2
:~Death Row tournament~:

one wish, one tournament, one champion.

xx_zakito_wolf_xx Public 29 3
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