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Byako, City of Everything

Byako, the city of everything. A city hundreds of miles in size where anything can and does happy on a daily basis Join the random sillyness

Tags: plushie, city, random, silly, Byako

Jasae Bushae Public 44,355 1,014
Mechanical Animals [vo_Odka] Private 246,689 723
Field of Shattered Dreams (Closed)


Tags: fantasy, Mecha, Magic, SuperHero's & Hero's

Tavril Public 10,758 11
MechWorlds (RP en Español) En construccion

Un universo donde los mechas dominan los mundos

Tags: Spanish, Mechas, Roleplaying, Latino, Hispano

Niku Kadosh Fremont Public 83 11

Steampunck city with several species and three layers of a city in one.

Tags: Steampunk, Role Playing, Vampires, Violence, semi-Lit

Selene Shepard Private 1,934 17
Crystal Spirits: Ashes of the Past

Will you bring Salvation or Desturction? Find what lies hidden beneath the hearts of many including your own

Tags: Fantasy, Sci Fi, Supernatural

Tenshi Takeshi Public 1,057 9
The Eden Project

Through the howling winds of a dying world you shall hear but one word . . . Salvation

Tags: sci-fi, eden, warfare, literate, future

Rikiu-Ann-Sonata Public 551 9
Fallen Kingdom

A combat based role play between three factions.

Tags: Mech, Combat, Furturistic, Gameplay, Factions

Lock Vesh Public 4 2
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Power of Spiral

This guild is a TTGL role playing Guild. I'd suggest you watch the anime before joining, but everyone is welcome.

Tags: Gurren Lagann, Action, Mech, Romance, Adventure

Sunku Public 22 2
Space Station Aegis

Aegis protectors of pyhron

Tags: Sci Fi, Battle Mechs, Space

Erko76 Public 5 6
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