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Nexus University (U.C.)

This is a guild for

Tags: Nexus, University, Mech, Fighting, Rping

Zakari Myshiku Private 216 4
Mechwarrior And More!!!CLOSED!!!

This guild is non-salvagable. We all moved to Mechwarrior Online

Tags: Mechwarrior, Mech assualt, Mech, RolePlay, battletech

Novuus Darkblade Public 688 19
MechWorlds (RP en Español) En construccion

Un universo donde los mechas dominan los mundos

Tags: Spanish, Mechas, Roleplaying, Latino, Hispano

Niku Kadosh Fremont Private 83 11
The Techmasons

Technological and Gunner Role Players Clan

Tags: Technology, Mechanic, Gunners, Mech, Role playing

Nick Nakotne Private 83 1

Steampunck city with several species and three layers of a city in one.

Tags: Steampunk, Role Playing, Vampires, Violence, semi-Lit

Selene Shepard Private 1,934 17
Gundam: Cero U/C

A Gundam rp set in an alternate universe. Suits from many seasons and games exist, as well as new suits and an energy source named Cero.

Tags: Gundam, Mech

Illusion158 Public 190 2
Mech Academy

The next generation of mech pilots

Tags: mecha, pilot, school, romance, action

Wasteddreamer Public 795 12
Souls Timeless Blood

a Roleplay based on a fantasy world revolving around mythology

Tags: Fantasy, Mythology, Academy, World, Creative

BD Veloco Public 1,148 7
Crystal Spirits: Ashes of the Past

Will you bring Salvation or Desturction? Find what lies hidden beneath the hearts of many including your own

Tags: Fantasy, Sci Fi, Supernatural

Tenshi Takeshi Public 1,057 9
Mech UC


Axzaki Heroki Public 32 3
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