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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Demented Wrath Deathsmessenger Private 6,646 68
Gaian Economic Studies

An experimental study of Gaian Economics

Tags: Economics, Academia, Marketplace, Research, Inflation

Wild Metamorphosis Private 9,247 4
Changing The Marketplace

Working as a team to change the marketplace

Tags: commerce, gold, marketplace, price, market

Il PornGod II Private 104 11
~The epic CREW~

zOMG, Gaia, Achievements

Tags: Gaia, zOMG, marketplace, Role-Play, Selling / Buying

berthabusti Public 9 1
T.R.E.A.S. The All In One Guild

The All In One Guild (we have cookies)

Tags: competition, cookies, prizes, roleplay, everything

Charstich Public 659 70

Creating big business since 10/12/10

Tags: GAIA Corp

Enrique v2 Public 16 6
The Renting Agency

This guild is dedicated to let any reant expensive items

Tags: rent, gold, help, friend

Type1001Pon-3 Private 3 8
Gaia Spec Ops Roleplay

The title says it all... this guild is a Roleplay of special ops....

Tags: U.S. Military, marines, air force, navy, army

ZOMBIES_8_U Public 36 12

Masters of the Marketplace Tickets

Tags: marketplace, ticket, masters, money, fast

doctorrx Private 65 11
zOMG and Vending

Ill teach you a lot as gaia has to offer you

8DDDDDDDDD Public 6 3
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