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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
*~Fountain of Useless Knowledge~* Wonkyoshi Public 3,130 62
The Creative Nest

Magic, magic, magic. Come talk about magic. RP, debate, kill each other, for all I care!

Tags: role playing, magic, fairy, dragon, witch

prismakelsey Private 24 6
free gold!

you join and get free gold!!!!

Tags: free gold, free money, gold, money, free

december hottie Public 35 84
ZomG Elite AlliAnceE

The ZEA guild is a place for all clans to socialize. We provide a place to discuss zOMG, sell items & even hire or sell mercenaries services

Tags: zOMG, chatter box, Gaming, Landshark, dixie

ichigo317 Public 90 44
Private Elite Investing (PEI)

A private guild for organized private investors.

Tags: Profit, Gold, Invest, Marketplace, Friends

Dnajun Private 48 10
The Gaia Trading Company

Have you ever wanted to sell or buy that item or artwork but couldn't do it in the marketplace, if so, this is the guild for you

Tags: Trading, Gold, Items, Artwork, Marketplace

bobbleobbler Public 13 6
Gaia High School Host Club

Come and enjoy our company ^.^

Tags: Host Club, High School, Roleplaying, anime, Gaia

hinahinachan19 Public 3 1
Dark Shadow Wolf Clan

The Dark Shadow Wolf Clan is a free guild where we do or talk about anything not just one.

Tags: Role playing, Dark, Shadow, Wolf, Clan

Eldest Wolf Public 29 3
A Plain & Simple Charity .

I'm here to help those who need it .

Tags: donations, charity, kindness, responsible, respect

Deary Brea Public 20 30
marketplace millions

with this guild i will make the rich richer and the poor richer

Tags: money, marketplace, tips, rich, gold

Xx_kumono_x Public 3 9
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