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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Underground Demon Syndicate FireLynx Public 8,910 386
The Island of Legends

Starter role-play guild about life on The Island of Legends

Tags: City, Life, Legends, Role play

vampireglub Public 274 30
"Roads End", the Airship Port

A clifftop port.

Tags: Gaia Community Discussion, Airship, Black Market, Port

dakki-dono Public 821 48
Trade Mania

Lower prices than the market place

Tags: Trade, Mania, Items, Market place, cheap

bikini bottoms Private 475 33
Wrong End Of The Bat: A Zombie RP Guild ((U//C))

Using your own survival knowledge, can you survive the beginning of the end?

Tags: Zombies, Roleplay, Survival, Under construction

Rangalord Public 23 4
Gaians' Anime Guild

In this Role Playing Guild, you will be able to do more, give ideas, and even make another store!

Tags: Naruto, Trade, Selling, Buying, Role Play

Lustifying Sins Private 226 18

Roleplay Guild to have fun, meet friends, Zomg, and help each other with out goals.

Tags: UnFox, Games, Adventures, zOMG!, Artists

CrystalRoseFox-Wolf Public 360 40
Fairy Tail: Phoenix Arc {u/c}

Join us on the wild adventure Fairy Tail and all the other Guilds take us on!

Tags: Fairy Tail, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Romance

stariele Private 6 2
Inari world

Inari, Three of the biggest continents of the world.

Tags: Roleplay, Anime, Kitsune, Mythical, Supernatural

Sakairu Private 71 2
First Gold Gaian Bank

The first ever bank for Gaia gold for loans and other good services

Tags: Banking/Lending, Gold, Charity, Giveaways, Free

The_Broken_King Public 2 1
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