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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Lending Hands Guild

The Lending Hands Guild is a charity guild create to help gaians achieve their dream avatars

Tags: Charity, Donating, Friends, Gold, Questing

EarthenElementalGuardian Private 45,535 309
The Secret Obsession

This is a Master/Slave rp guild

Tags: Master/Slave, SMBD, Ninjas, BDSM, Punishment

xxAnimeFan5xx Public 1,145 79
The Ethirien Realm

A Ancient Magical Rp

Captain Vynexus Private 1,221 9
~The Slave Market!!!~

Come and be either a slave or a master. What happens is for your characters to decide.

Tags: Slave, Master, Market, Role playing

Vincent Hammond Public 38,643 445
The Market Connoisseur

A guild of highly skilled vendors, marketers, and trend watchers that lend their knowledge to the masses.

Tags: Market, Vend, Investing, Gold, Exchange

TokenCollector Public 74 36
Giving Profiters a Better Name!

my own fundraiser that I made from scratch. -Sylvester

Tags: good karma, Contest, giving back, Giving Profiters a Better Name, fundraiser

VendLendTHENSpend Public 48 23
Interspecies Protection Act

A Monster-Human Roleplay

Tags: Monster, Vampire, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves

Kagimaru Jared Private 498 2

This guild is really for you! Recommend Stuff, Ask Questions, Make a Poll, Have FUN! This is your Guide!

Tags: Trill, Trade, Market, Funny

Mal_Finessin Public 17 3
The Boston Clique

The Irish Mob Families of New England

Tags: Irish, Mafia, History, Boston, NewEnlgand

Dead Poe Private 17 3
A Thieves' Family (Guild and RP)

A guild of Thieves grow to see one another as a true family.

Tags: Thief, Guild, Family, Loot

Sweet Heartless Riku Private 34 6
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