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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Asian Pride -- Asian Hangout for Asian People AsianGirl Private 428,902 9,340
Yaoi Island

Come to the island and be loved. Yaoi.

Tags: yaoi, lgbt, roleplay, nekos, equality

CuddlyFox17 Public 2,962 3
The Land Of Video Games!

Roleplay as your favorite video game characters!

Tags: Halo, Assasins creed, mortal kombat, legend of zelda, Portal 2

the study of wumbo Public 727 25
Grand Royal

Tags: Bleach, Eureka, Hitman Reborn, Gundam, Rping

DonBri2 Public 7,698 10

a club (chat, share, hang out, etc...)

Tags: chat, friends, community, Earth, Brad

Brad of Earth Public 956 53
Warrior Cats of the Stars

The clans have a new destiny! New clans are coming, and every cat can choose their own destiny!

Tags: warriors, clans, role playing, erin hunter, cats

Westice Private 7,035 37

A place for anyone

Tags: master, slave, relax, yuri, yoai

Fluttershy_Lover1019 Public 3,810 1
RP Sanctuary for Action, Fantasy, Adventure

A guild for anyone and everyone that enjoys RPing, contests, anime and more

Tags: roleplaying, anime, discussion, contests

DragonSlayer Arcos Private 142 4
Sonic RP Adventure Awaits

A Sonic the Hedgehog Roleplay Guild. Make your character and start your adventure.

Tags: Sonic RP Adventure Awaits, Action, Role Playing, adventure, Sonic the hedgehog

Zora the fox Public 200 13
Academy Of Eden (U/C And Accepting)

Come and make your story. X3 Angels and Demons going to the same school a place to call there home to help them learn to use there powers

Tags: Anime, Angels, Demon, Academy, School

xXShirazuRyXx Public 4 3
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