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Percy Jackson:The Last Hope

A Percy Jackson Role-Playing Guild.

Tags: Role Playing, Percy Jackson, Greek Gods, DemiGods, Romance

ibazinga Public 7,447 71
The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

N0b136 Public 1,363 19
Cutie Kawaii Club!

Come join the others!

Tags: Cute, Anime, Party, Chat, Friends

OMJ KAWAII Public 1 3
Soldiers of Aincrad

We will work together, discuss resolve problems, discuss topic, and have fun.

Tags: Zomg, Sword Art Online, Farming, Raids, Helping

Asiandood16 Public 1 6
The Kingdom of Arcania

A RPing guild based off of Fairytail but in a different county than Fiore.

Tags: Rping, Fairy Tail, Magic

Kurgistar Public 99 9
~Official My Chemical Romance Guild~

Join This Guild If you :0

Tags: My Chemical Romance, Band, Official, Chemical, Romance

Crazy Curiosity Public 916 245
Fairy tail rp guild

rp guild for the anime fairy tail

Tags: fairy tail, manga, anime, magic, roleplay

The Guardian of Rain Public 45 7
Survival Redemption, Roleplaying Guild.

This guild is for Original Roleplays and Discussions about anime, manga, games, life, etc.

Tags: Survival redemption, roleplaying, original, discussion, I'm sofa king stew pit

Sorean Angel Public 714 14
Diclonii-Furries-and such

This is a place for beings who do not feel welcome among human beings.

Tags: Diclonius, Various species, Sancuary, Roleplay, Advice

ChappedCharapy Public 42 7
Dragon Age: The Usurper Now Recruitting!!

A role playing guild based on the popular game; Dragon Age.

Tags: Dragon Age, Rated 18+, Actaion, Fantasy, Role Playing

IvonKeir Public 274 9
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