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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Let's Learn Korean!

A guild dedicated to the advancement and study of the korean culture and language.

Tags: korean, language, translation, kpop, korea

jjokpalyuh Private 829 343
Everything Possibly Asian

Everything Asian

Tags: KPOP, ANIME, Languages, Asian, Manga

travaux en cours Public 299 190
The Potpourri Guild

A little of everything; Disney, Nick, Selena, Hannah, iCarly, Linux, Anime, JPop, Bratz, Barbie

Tags: Selena Gomez, iCarly, Disney, Anime, Linux

Basilia Ann E Public 105 15
kpopFANS Alicks Public 4,574 270
The K-POP and J-POP Guild

A guild made for those people who loves listening to both japanese and korean musics.! ♥

Tags: jpop, kpop, shinee, ft. island, music

BFShaxotic Public 785 157
.::ღ ⒷⓘⓖⒷⓐⓝⓖ ღ::.

This guild is for all Big Bang lovers and fans , if you're a true VIP , you'll join .

Tags: BIGBANG, K-Pop

iTrainer Touko Public 131 19
**Azn Pride**

~~All Welcomed ~~

Tags: Asian, Anime, Kpop, Jpop, zOMG

Mario Boii Public 9 16

this is a guild for Kpop fans

Tags: Kpop

Cl Kwon Public 8 7
[ The Fanfics / Stories in my head ]

Tags: fanfic, kpop, jdene, stories

HoneyJaeSeung Private 12 1
Kpop Role Play

This is a guild for Role Players who love Kpop.

Tags: Kpop, Role, playing

XxAkira Rin-ChanxX Public 15 2
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