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Roleplaying : Kpop edition!

Roleplay as your favourite Kpop idol or an Ulzzang! Come and roleplay with us, we might not bite. ;D

Tags: Kpop, Music, Roleplaying, Roleplay, Idol

IWriteStuff Public 23 5
Asian Frenzies Guild

Tags: Asian, music, entertainment, anime, kpop

milkywei Private 24,505 441

T-Ara Tiara

Tags: kpop, boram jiyeon, qri soyeon, eunjong hyomin, t-ara tiara

zukimitsu Public 251 43
B.E.G (Brown Eyed Girls) - Abracadabra Guild

Brown Eyed Girls

Tags: kpop, miryo, narsha, ga in

HoneyJaeSeung Public 183 45
Official JYP MISS A Guild

Tags: miss kpop, lee min young, wang fei fei, ming jia, suzy bae

zukimitsu Public 143 40
Korea and Japan World ♬ ♪

A place where you can talk anything about kpop , jpop , kdrama and J drama with the other fans.

Tags: Kpop, Jpop, K-Drama, Music, J-Drama

Owl_Sister Public 317 59

Fans of Big Bang come here!

Tags: Korean, Big Bang, K-POP, Discuss, G-Dragon

DehHiddenAngel Public 35 5
YG Family/K-Pop Groups

All your favortie K-Pop Songs and groups.

Tags: K-Pop, Big Bang, SHINee, Se7en, Girl's Generation

Bubbo Tea Public 13 32
Asians Bands

About K-pop Bands

Tags: k-pop, j-pop, music, bands, group

Fireraid-X Public 2 3
KPOP Clubs

We are a perfected guild who features many of you FAVORITE KPOP group like SNSD, SHINee, Rainbow, Kara, 2NE1, and so much moc!

Tags: KPOP, band, korean, music, SNSD

Mister Rainous Public 1 1
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