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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian King of the Ring Tournament...FINALS ARE NAO!!!

Do you have what it takes to win the annual Gaian King of the Ring tournament?

Tags: E-Wrestling, Role-play, Politic-Free

The_Glass_House Private 726 19
Star Wars: Galactic Incursions

For the Republic!

Tags: star was, galactic, incursions, jedi, sith

Darth Roh Public 1,223 118
The White Knights for Gaians

One step closer to the end of cyber bullies

Accalia Darkstorm Public 2,281 29
The Sexy Army

My friends and I, just having fun ^^

Tags: sexy, army, friends, loved ones

Princess Victoria Dark Public 35 17
Love of Vampire Knight

For Vampire knight lovers

Tags: Vampire, Knight, Yuki, Zero, Kaname

xXxLost-SoulsxXx Public 8 7
The Axis Of Retribution

A casual roleplaying guild

Tags: Roleplay, army, creatures, scifi, fantasy

beastmastr19 Public 15,414 7
I x I The Brotherhood of Black Knights I x I

Bringing back the old Empire Miss it

Tags: Dress-Up, Role-Play, Black Avatar Empire, Knights, Literate Illiterate

DirtierSenpai Public 70 2
Cardfight!! Vanguard

For all things Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Tags: Cardfight!!, Vanguard, Aichi, Sendou

lordbluestar Public 132 51

Captive is the new popular game that kids are now playing! Join if you DARE!

Tags: Anime, Monsters, Action, Game, Adventure

DarknessRinn Private 1,416 10
Hellraisers-The First Wave

The first wave is coming, will you fight or help it?

Tags: Hell, devil, evil, funny, cute

Neo_the_storm_neko Private 6 4
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