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The Net Slum [a guild for .hack fans]

A guild for fans of the anime/game series, dot hack.

Tags: dot hack, .hack//sign, .hack//G.U., .hack, skeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiittthhh

Pink Plastic Ninja Private 88,599 2,701
Dragons Reborn

This guild is for those of you who are fantasy fans.

Tags: Dragons, knight, Fantasy, Demons

RosewoodXFlame Private 3,043 6
Lone Knight14's Minecraft Builds

Minecraft , Japanese , Medevil

Tags: Minecraft, Japanese, Medevil, Lone Knight

Bekkachu Public 19 10
Heaven: The Third Citadel

Imagination: (n) A warehouse of facts with poet and liar in joint ownership.

Tags: Magic, Knights, Dragons, Original, Medieval

Mad Science Public 4 1
☪ Ð僃εηđεɾʂ øƒ cɧąσʂ ☪

☪ Just an ordinary day at the Academy. . .Or is it? ☪

Tags: School, Fighting, Valor, Destruction, Choices

Geek Sama Private 721 39
Cross Academy (Vampire Knight RP)

Open and Accepting! Please join!

Tags: Vampire Knight, Vampire, Academy, Drama, Cross Academy

King Learon Public 154 8
Devil May Cry (The Rp Guild)

Follow in the footsteps of the family of Sparda and others who bind their paths towards an unknown fate.

Tags: Devil May Cry, Dante, Nero, Vergil, Sparda

Glxtch Havxc Public 102 7
Knerd Knights of Adulthood

A place for young parents and older gaians

Tags: Gaming, Nerdy, Parents, Adults

farshharsh Public 23 3
Dragon Hunter

Its fight for survival or be eaten

Tags: Dragon, Hunter, Romance, Survival, Action

Mr AsianPoptart Public 41 1
A Cross Akademia

Regi es uj arcok

Tags: Nappap, Ejszaka, Vampir, Anime, Jo kedv

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 3 2
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