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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Realm of Chaos midnight mysteries Private 1,420 12
Istoria University (Total Reboot and in Need of Staff!)

A RP University for people who love to RP in a school environment

Tags: Roleplay, university, school, istoria

Exarielle BlackLaw Private 8,691 8
The Rising Sun

Rising Sun, share about Japanese fashion, food, and culture with games, polls, and discussions.

Tags: Japan, Culture, Cosplay, Anime, Language

Chinmoku Bushi Public 144 26
A Winter's Kiss - Vampire Yaoi Roleplay

Welcome to the Winter's Mansion

Tags: vampire, roleplay, yaoi, romance, victorian

Sinful Fool Private 3,650 41
Sketch Kitties Minishop Guild

A guild that holds plenty of things for the shop Sketch Kitties

Tags: custom kitties, shop, cute

jessieomer Public 215 3
Neko~ Mansion~

Where romance, mystery, and action come together for our Neko friends.

Tags: Mansion, Neko, Mystery, Action, Romance

Kitty of the Crimson Mist Public 30 8
Crystal Dreams - Open

A boarding school role-play guild, with all species allowed.

Tags: Roleplay, Highschool, Romance, Haunted, Anything

Delicate Cream Public 2,083 18
✡ ϚαϾяσѕαηϾтυѕ ✡

A war is being waged on a secluded paradise, hidden away from the mortal world...

Tags: literate, fantasy, school, roleplay, island

AuraSiren Private 15 4
★Velivolant family★

A gaian family

Tags: Animals, wolves, mythical, creatures, gaia family

Angelique Velivolant Public 40 8
Vampire Of The Bloody Blue Star

Bloody Blue Star

Tags: Bloody star, blue star, Vampire Bloody, Vampire Star, Bloody blue

Lillica-Snow Public 3 10
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