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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
=^.^= The NiKKo Guild =^.^= NiKKo PuPs Lodge Public 10,499 168
This and That

A place of misc conversation and play.

Blood King Private 7,011 9
Hello Kitty Online

> This Guild is now under new ownership

Advent Cirno Public 229 57
Galotte Charlen Roleplaying Heather Lush Private 745 13
Dedication~ Coco or Kiki? A race to survival~

Well as there is two simply adorable kitties on here on gaia (Coco and Kiki) i think it is time we all decided which one we think is better!

Tags: The Baws, Commander, Vice 1, Vice 2, Vice 3

amyj101 Public 7 1
Kitty's Randomness Returns!

continued Ninja School of Randomness from being hacked =)

Tags: demon, human, final fantasy, vampire, neko

Kimora LaDubois Public 2,219 12
Kitty Clan!

Join us in our kitty adventures! RP, Games, Contests, and More!

Tags: feline, kitty, clan, cats, role play

XxBluiexX Public 27 8
A Very Yaoi Hetalia Cottage

A Hetalia Roleplay

Tags: Hetalia, roleplay, anime, history, Yaoi

EnchantedLuck Private 229 10
A Kitty-fox-wolf Would be cool, Right?

Role play guild

Tags: kittyfoxwolf

CookehFox Private 2 1
Kitty's Rp guild nyan kitty x3 Private 8 2
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