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Results for "kidnapping"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian Loli Lovers AssassinBlue Public 457 50
Magical Battle Arena

The guild for the breedable/changing shop, Magical Battle Arena.

Tags: magical girl, magical boy, fantasy, jrpg, tournament

Tenko72 Private 930 4
"Surprise" Fanclub

This is the fanclub for the book I will be publishing on Wattpad.com

Tags: Book, Werewolfs, Drama, Action, Romance

birth control faces Public 7,688 63
Hayate the combat butler RPG

A place to RPG as your favorite character in Hayate the combat butler. PLEASE JOIN!

Tags: Maids/butlers, Hayate the combat buter, fun RPG, anime, manga

XxAngel_SChanxX Public 933 29
Post-Apocalyptica DawnThe Dark Morningstar Private 244 4
Camp Half-Blood, Dimigods Vs. DimiTitens


Tags: Camp Half-Blood, Titens, gods, Camp Jupiter, dimi-gods

cTheAngelofMusic Public 172 14
In the Forests of the Night

Shifter role play

Tags: Shifter, Forest, Wolf, Animal, Tiger

Kick Off your Stilettos Private 2,115 16
Roleplay Vacation

Rp's and Short stories only

Tags: Roleplaying, Short stories, Romance, Kidnapping, Awsomeness

XxDeaths_EntityxX Public 182 17
W a r r i o r s, L u r k i n g S h a d o w s

The Shadows are rising......

Tags: Warriors, Roleplay, Cats

XxC0RRUPTIONxX Private 367 13
The Academy of Experiments

A secret lab called Techo Inc. has recently been experimenting on teenagers

Tags: Supernatural, Academy, Roleplaying, Powers, Teenagers

ace77177 Public 124 5
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