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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Magical Battle Arena

The guild for the breedable/changing shop, Magical Battle Arena.

Tags: magical girl, magical boy, fantasy, jrpg, tournament

Tenko72 Private 930 4
Heart no Kuni no Alice{Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland

Tags: Roleplaying, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Wonderland

Heta-chan Public 350 35
In the Forests of the Night

Shifter role play

Tags: Shifter, Forest, Wolf, Animal, Tiger

Kick Off your Stilettos Private 2,115 16
Fallout: Chronicles

The new Fallout

Tags: Fallout, Survival, Free Form, Sci-fi, Post Apocalypse

FirionTheDragon Private 380 10
♫ Naruto : Rise of the Nations ♫ (Open and Accepting)


Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Jutsu, Akatsuki, Seven Swordmen

Malevolent Bowl of Cereal Public 1,031 23
W a r r i o r s, L u r k i n g S h a d o w s

The Shadows are rising......

Tags: Warriors, Roleplay, Cats

XxC0RRUPTIONxX Private 367 15
The Land of the Shadows ~ O//A

Join an evolving world on the brink of war with a dark species from the depths of the Underworld.

Tags: Demons, Humans, Fantasy

My-Demonic-Daydreams Private 311 11
Radio Jack Assembly

Where all Radio Jack Lovers unite ! :)

Tags: radio jack, Assembly, Rabbit, Pirate, Demonic

ember scarlet rose Public 3 18
The Academy of Experiments

A secret lab called Techo Inc. has recently been experimenting on teenagers

Tags: Supernatural, Academy, Roleplaying, Powers, Teenagers

ace77177 Public 124 5
The Demigod Alliance vs The Godsend

What happens when Evolved Humans and Demigods fight?

Tags: Olympians, Heroes, Evolved Humans, Camp Half-Blood, Percy Jackson

PosiedonRulez Public 89 4
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