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MAGGIE_CHI Public 208 71
Paint It Rainbow~! A Hetalia Guild

A Hetalia Roleplay, and Discussion Guild. ((U/C))

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, Discussion, Humor, Yaoi

LoversOfLovers2 Public 828 35
日本国: Empire of the Rising Sun [RP] RECRUITING

Based on 14th century Japan.

Tags: Japan, Samurai, Ninja, History, Literate

Daddy the Father Public 875 25
The Axis Powers

Go ahead, call the Allies- they can't unpillage you.

Tags: Axis, Germany, Japan, Italy, Facism

Der gute Kamerad Public 159 18
Katawa Shoujo: Yamaku Academy

This is a school for the physically disabled, while still encouraging studies and romance.

Tags: Disability, School, Romance, Katawa Shoujo, Role Playing

Rayne Carlson Public 450 19
Hokkaido Academy ~ Open & Accepting ~

Feudal Japan, High school for Military Excellence

Tags: High school, Samurai, Feudal Japan, Romance, Semi-Literate

General Thomas Pryor Public 741 9
Fate / Filodoxía

Fate/Filodoxia also known as Fate Ambitions: Rise to Power is a literate RP spin off of the original Fate Series

Tags: Type Moon, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Servant-Master, Roleplay

KogaP Private 1,850 26
Seductive Vendetta

A Role-Playing guild about assassins that dress to kill. Seducing drug lords and killing them for there own cruel intentions.

Tags: Strife, Roleplay, Assassins, Drugs, Gang lords

z o e y c u n t Public 12 2
Suikoden: Lost Tales[O/A]

A medieval storyline that's taken place between Suikoden II and Suikoden III.

Tags: Betrayal, Unity, Medieval, Adventure, Magic

Dragoon Knight Sora Public 151 3
Armageddon Love RP (Yaoi)

This is a love story about a Royal Vampire and a Vampire Hunter that fall in love. Now this is a Yaoi RP you may be allowed to leave now.

Yaksha Sans Amour Private 8 6
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