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▫ ▫Calvin Chadwick's School for the Socially Challenged▫ ▫

Welcome children to Calvin Chadwick's School for the Socially Challenged. Now, the rules are simple. Follow them and no one will get hurt.

Tags: Yaoi, High-school, Horror

CapitainPajamas Public 1,302 24
The Athenaeum

A Victorian and fantasy steampunk roleplay guild

Tags: comedy, fantasy, steampunk, horror, romance

StrawberryZ0mbie Private 2,855 18

This guild has all types of role plays from horror-romance! Come join the fun!!

Tags: Romance, Arialcia, Horror, Beginner, OC based

Meokii Private 1,281 9
Belvedere Asylum

When only two people are allowed to escape, will you kill or be killed?

Tags: Insanity, Survival, Gore, Horror, Death

Geek Sama Public 859 26
Deliverance Ministry

The fight between good and evil pervails at Mellowcreek, a distubed town inspired by Silent Hill and the ghost town of Celestia PA.

Tags: silent hill, ghost town, survival horror, original characters only, literate RP

Mint Moustache Private 2,060 6
-- Stellar Odyssey --

The known universe has been devastated by a plague that encompassed the galaxy and only you can help!

Stellar Odyssey Public 106 7
Survival Redemption, Roleplaying Guild.

This guild is for Original Roleplays and Discussions about anime, manga, games, life, etc.

Tags: Survival redemption, roleplaying, original, discussion, I'm sofa king stew pit

Sorean Angel Public 714 14
Pouted's Formatting.

Tags: american horror story, drama, supernatural, tragedy, romance

Mayumi Haru Public 293 1
Horror Film Nerds

Horror Films!

Tags: Horror Films, Horror Books, Horror Manga, Horror Anime, Horror Video Games

Skottii Demonik Public 83 5

Apocalyptic world of furs, with contests

Tags: Apocalyptic, furry, horror

zochi2 Public 3 1
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