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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Those Left Between

Life or Death, it's your choice. A Walking Dead RP

Tags: Walking Dead, Zombies, Walkers, Survival, Horror

Akureikami Private 3,250 10
Highschool Syndicate Underground

Contractors and Humans forced to work together!

Tags: Highschool of the Dead, H.O.T.D, Darker Than Black, Contractors, The Syndicate

Turk5679 Public 3,147 19
The Shadowhunter Chronicles

A Mortal Instruments Roleplay

Tags: The Mortal Instruments, Supernatural, Roleplay, Infernal Devices, City of Bones

Kai Sparrowheart Private 1,210 15
Hybrid Lotto Guild Hybrid AI Private 9,370 71
The Mechanical Children; An Aekea support guild

MC's of Gaia (Robots, Cyborgs, etc) discuss Gaian plot, items, Aekea and anything robotic!

Tags: Aekea, Robots, Cyborg, Android, Roleplaying

PQ and Retrostacja Public 16,700 109
Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai Guild

The first "kami nomi" Guild

Tags: Manga, Shounen, World God Only Knows, Kami, Anime

Shinigami_no_kaze Public 119 58
Toтally Supεrηaтural

A Role-Playing Guild based on the TV series Supernatural. Feel free to join!!

Tags: Supernatural, Demons, Angels, Hunters

Lightning Faronn Public 62 5
[The Prevailing Light] LightVS.Dark Original RP

A guild built around the seven deadly sins and around Angels and Demons. Which side will you choose, and how will you survive?!

Tags: Angels, Demons, Magic, Roleplay, Literate

Duke of Balls Public 22 4
Hellraisers-The First Wave

The first wave is coming, will you fight or help it?

Tags: Hell, devil, evil, funny, cute

Neo_the_storm_neko Private 6 4
The Tales Of Many The Life One

A Guild With Many Roleplays; One Surly Fit For Any Souls Who Dears Enter

Tags: Demons / Vampires / Wolves, Morbid Fairy Tales, Kingdom, Hell, Death / Love

Little Oracle Public 9 3
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