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Underworld academy? Demons need education too!

Tags: Anime, school life, romance, social, makai hell

DemonMimi Public 11 1
Pride of the Paladins [U/C]

In a world where elite soldiers, called Paladins, are controlled by Handlers, a group of renegades threatens disaster. [Original rp]

Tags: fantasy, literate, role play, original

Ethelinda Amarante Private 17 2
GAIA! It's Heaven's Hell!!!!

A Place where people have fun, with occasional Events!

Tags: Role playing, Spam, Event, Competitions, Games

Telstel Public 3,944 120
Insomnia Incorporated

We need more rares. Why doesn't my rod attract strippers. We need more master baiters.

Tags: Fishing, Gaming

Duhuna_Shy Private 228 48
Equestrians Unite: a My Little Pony Crossover RP

in this Guild Make sure you Follow the Rules before Joining also you can Sharr Art, Idea's, and Video's.

Tags: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony, Role Play, Talk, Discuss

The Pinkie Pyro Public 785 15
love and pain

"All is well in love and pain..."

Tags: Slave, Master, Love and Pain, Roleplay, Semi. lit

missmekachi Public 268 4
As my blade runs through your heart :chapter 1.the symphonys

This Rp is based on a family considered to be appart of the Shogun Triad, which existed millions of years before human kind reined .

Tags: intresting, shoguns, symphony, awsome, swordfights

Symphonus Ronin Public 9 4

Fantasy, T1 roleplay, ect.

Tags: Tier 1, Fantasy, Gods, Valynmr, Drakon

Daariv Private 8 10
Before the Dawn

A RP were the supernatural run free in the human world

Tags: Vampire, Witches

Tritian_the_wise Public 41 3
From Darkness to Light, A D&D Guild

A middle ages, end of days roleplay guild that has a D&D focus.

Tags: Roleplaying, Dungeon and Dragons, Zombies, Middle Ages

Yandere Hideki Public 2 5
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